The Friendship of Two Boys

Kaka n his close friend, Yoga
Kaka n his close friend, Yoga

First time, when Kaka, my son started his studies at Ad-Da’wah Islamic School, I was worried about him, about his ability to connect with other students, with his new teacher and new things at his class.
He had never followed kindergarten and playgroup. He only learnt at home. And he spent his time, mostly for drawing. 😉 He didn’t learn about writing, reading, math as much as drawing.

He asked me in that time about rank, “What about rank, Mom? I can’t read, and write well for this time?”

I smiled at him, “Don’t think about rank ! The main point, you can enjoy the learning activities and you can improve your hobbies here. I believe in you, you’ll be happy at your class!”  (He was 10th in the first semester, and he can read, write much better now)
“Okay, I’m happy now! Thank you, Mommy!”

Alhamdulillah, my son can enjoy his learning and he has many good friends.

He told me about his best friend, “Mom, I have good friends and Yoga is my best friend!”

Yes, he often tells about Yoga. Not only that, he drew himself and Yoga at his drawing book.

His teacher has ever told me about these two boys, “Kaka and his friend, Yoga are good boys. They can respect each other. They help each other, they play together, but they have never disturbed the other students. There is Kaka, there’s Yoga.”

I was really happy to hear the story about friendship of those boys.

“May Allah bless your friendship, sons!”

The other story from Yoga’s grandmother.
“Yoga doesn’t like to sit with other students, because they always disturb him. I’m glad that Yoga has a friend like Kaka. They’re nice boys!”

“O, my Lord! Alhamdulillah, for every blessing You’ve given to these boys! Guide them to Your ways! Guide them to be righteous children!”

I saw with my eyes, at their class, Yoga had ever given some foods to my son, my son accepted and said thank to Yoga. Not long after that, in the first rest time, Kaka bought some foods and gave them to Yoga.

But, if Yoga or Kaka refused the offering of one of them, so the other would do the same.

As a mother, I feel so proud of their attitudes. They have learnt about friendship in the earlier period of their learning. It’d be great if they can keep their friendship till adulthood.  🙂

8 thoughts on “The Friendship of Two Boys”

  1. This was such a beautiful and heart warming read sis, may Allah bless their friendship always and may they always be happy and content with each other, Ameen! Also, you are an incredible mom in that you didn’t pressure your son to get good grades in the beginning, but you encourage him to have fun learning- masha’Allah! You are both blessed to have each other ❤

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    1. Ameen Allahumma Ameen. I admire their friendship, sis! That was why I wrote about them. Thank so much for your sweet words, sis, n so you’re! Alhamdulillah I know the form that learning should be FUN! 🙂
      Alhamdulillah, I’m so blessed to have him as my son.

      PS: Missed U a lot, sis! Is your viber account still active?

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      1. Masha’Allah that’s wonderful sis ❤ I believe my Viber account is still active, but I don't go on there often…feel free to send me a message whenever you have time though ❤ Love ya, always xoxo

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