My Goal To Sell 20,000 copies of “The Ducktrinors”!

Between Sisters, SVP!


There are 1.6 BILLION Muslims in the world, I just want 20,000 of that number to buy  a copy of The Ducktrinors :). A girl can dream BIG right? But seriously, it’s not even 1% of the Muslim population.

Please help a sister out in reaching to this goal by the end of 2016 insha’Allah. I hope your inner-child approves of my book and lands me next to YA best selling authors JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins and the likes ^_^.

Malik: Book 2 will come out next year insha’Allah. Help me fund Malik by buying a copy of Hanifa: Book 1 please.

Also, help me help you satisfy your curiosity about Book 2!

Buy Book 1 here .

Jazak’Allah khair,

Papatia Feauxzar

Author of The Ducktrinors: Hanifa, Book 1

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12 thoughts on “My Goal To Sell 20,000 copies of “The Ducktrinors”!”

    1. Thank you for your thought, brother! Insha’Allah some day, I should be a good writer/ author.
      Writing in English isn’t easy, he..he. That’s the challenge for me!


    1. it was pleasure my dear friend. You’re Chinese, aren’t you? Your blog is great. You know dear Kally, you’re my first friend from China in WordPress. 🙂
      And thank you for visiting, reading n commenting!

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