A letter to WordPress…

Dear WordPress,

Here, I am, as a poor blogger and a non English native speaker, I want to write the voice of my heart about blogging especially WordPress services to bloggers.
After you left windows, I feel that blogging is boring and needs long process to publish a post. I hate that I can’t write easily and quickly in my dashboard using phone. I often use my phone than PC. (I don’t have much time to  use PC)

I found it every time when I tried to access wordpress. Not good!
I found it every time when I tried to access wordpress. Not good!

I ask myself, why WordPress doesn’t support windows anymore. Why? I don’t need your new service for windows PC. No I don’t need that.
My request to you is only one, please support windows as you did!
If not, yeah so you’ve given different services to bloggers.
I hope you can understand my simple request and accept it!
Over all, I think wordPress is better than others in blogging.

And I’d say, wordPress is the best place for blogging   if you support back windows phone.

Thank you for your time to read my post.

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