My Blogging Goals for 2016

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Time runs fast. I can’t believe it, today is day 3 of January and tomorrow school will start the second semester.

Good bye holiday and welcome Monday!

I’ve read, some bloggers have written their blogging goals in more detail.

For me, as an English learner, I also have a few goals to achieve for this year, insha’Allah.

I still use my blog as a space to improve my English and writing skill. Writing in English I need some steps and long time to make a post. First, find the idea, then write the point of it (I always try to think in English and write in English), editing… edit again, copy into my dashboard, then past the posts and the last step I publish it. I do this way till now.

Anyhow I edited my posts more than twice, but I guess there were many mistakes in my posts, especially grammar, he..he (sorry Mr. grammar, if I often forget your rules).

After seeing my busy schedule for the 2nd semester at school, I decided to post leastwise 2 posts each week, and I’ll blog in my weekend. I think that I need to refresh my brain to find fresh ideas so I can raise the quality of my writing.

I hope I can do it!

I’d say, thank you my friends for your supports! Your presence in this blog meant a lot for me.

Happy Blogging!

14 thoughts on “My Blogging Goals for 2016”

  1. How many semesters do you have their in schools? In Pakistan April is the month when new classes start in schools. In which month Indonesian schools see the start of new semester?
    I wish you a very happy and refreshing days ahead 🙂

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    1. 12 semesters (class 1 till class 6), so every class the students will past 2 semesters. In Indonesia, new classes start on July, and will end in December (first semester), and the 2nd semester will start on January and ends on June. Thank you again for your prayer, dear. Hope you too. 🙂

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        1. Hmm, a month approximately! Indonesia doesn’t follow British system in education. We don’t have winter and summer vacation. Holiday after first semester and second semester, and during Ramadan, there’s holiday too, only two weeks. I think Pakistan education system is better than Indonesia, here, we don’t use English at class for delivering the lessons, only for English lesson.

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            1. I wanted to know more about Pakistan in education especially. If you don’t mind you can explain it next time. It was my pleasure to tell it to you. 🙂 I’ll write more about education in my blog, insha’Allah.

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  2. you always do such an excellent job here! I can’t image being able to write and read another language, I truly admire your abilities!! looking forward to reading more of your work in the year and years to come. Much peace to you my sister in soul! Michelle

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    1. Thank you very much, my dear sis Michelle. Your words are so sweet,, so is your heart. You just gave great support to me. 😊
      Writing in other languages isn’t easy if we don’t speak with those languages. I feel such like that. I have never use it in my speaking. Only writing. 😊
      You can try too, dear!


    1. Okay, How many hours the students there study at their class? And why the government there adopted British education? Would you like to mention the advantages of it? I’ve heard that Pakistanis are used to speak English in their speaking, how about Urdu?

      Thank so much Sis for the post, I’ll check it soon!

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      1. Sure, the usual school hours for primary and secondary school students are 0830 – 1330 with a mid morning break.
        The greatest advantage of making use of colonial era’s educational systems within British Rule before 1947 (Pak got independence) was to help this new country at least have a bare minimum in terms of education and for more so, British education system was used as a patriotic factor to inculcate” nationalism, patriotism that the British ruled on us” because we weren’t developed like them therefore the need for this newly born country and its founders knew putting across an international level will help the country to rise and prosper as well as provide advantages of Pakistanis wishing to study and work abroad. Knowing an international language like English or French/German/Italian also helps some 9 million Pakistanis who currently are working/ studying in Europe, Australia and US.
        I can’t explain this, we are just so used to putting English words when we speak Urdu, (Urdu is also a pretty complicated language, the commonly used slang is easy for most Pakistanis and foreigners but the traditional language is much complex), apart that Pakistanis have more then 200 dialectal languages depending on ethnicity, provincial and other socio-economic factors, so almost every Pakistani speaks national language i.e: Urdu, 1-2 dialect and basic level English. Those like me having more diverse origins and who studied languages speak more languages.
        Hope this is of help, sis! Thanks do give feedback when you check that post! 🙂


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