Past & Future

When I thought about the title of this post, I remembered these movies, “Fast and Furious” and “Back to the future,” so I decided to choose “Past & Future.”
But, I have never watched “Back to the future” only read its synopsis, and I’m not a fan of “Fast and Furious.” 😀
My friend advised me, “Don’t worry about your past, but prepare yourself for the future!”
The other has said to me, “Our past is like a rear view. It’s used to see everything behind us, and all of those are so small to see. While our future is like a windshield, it’s bigger than rear view. We’ve to focus our views to all of things in front of us. If we ignore it, we’ll get the accident. So, We shouldn’t spend our times much to memorize our past.”

"Prepare yourself for your future, and don't worry about your past."
“Prepare yourself for your future, and don’t worry about your past.”

We can’t change the failure in the past. Let bygones be bygones!
We can’t set the time into the past. Time always move on.

We just can make our lives better when we have chance to see the sun and get the new day. It’s mean we still have HOPES.
Here in this post, I took some opinions from the wise people who live around me, because I need those life lessons.
We live in present, past has gone, and the future is still mystery.

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