I hate Television!

Some days ago, my son complained to me, “Mommy, I hate to watch TV. It isn’t useful for me!”
I smiled at him. I agreed with his mind.

Actually we had never used this magic box for 9 months. We had agreed to avoid it in our days. But, last Wednesday, the rest of my family wanted to use it again. My son didn’t respect when he heard that.
“I really hate TV!”
“What about your favorite movies? Last time you had some.” I seduced him to love Television.
“No, no… I don’t like them anymore. They’re boring!”
“Oh, okay! I got ya, dear! That’s good if you have good control of yourself. I’m so proud of you!” I embraced him from behind.

“TV has stolen my times. I couldn’t use my time for playing. Hmm, I have idea! I’ll type prohibition against watching TV then I’ll paste it on the wall of my room. Mom, I ask your help to edit it!”

“Great idea, do it now!”

Here is his mind! I didn’t put my words there.

The translation in English. "It's forbidden to watch TV, because it has taken my times (time of playing and work). Kaka's thought."
It’s forbidden to watch TV, because it has taken my times (time of playing and work).
Kaka’s thought.

To appreciate his thought, I won’t watch TV in front of him. 😀   If not, he will protest me and he will not obey me. Good example is the best teaching for the children.
Thus, I don’t need to advise him to avoid TV.
Another thing, he has known the negative effects of “smoking.” For it, he has painted prohibition against smoking on the wall. He..he.

No smoking, he..he
No smoking, he..he

Alhamdulillah, May Allah always bless and guide you, my love! Ameen.

20 thoughts on “I hate Television!”

    1. 😃 He’s 7 now.
      Ameen summa ameen, to you too as well, my sister!
      Jazakillah khoir!
      It’s Ok living without TV. 😉

      I’m sure, your parents are really great! I can see that from yourself! 😊

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        1. Sure I’ll do that! So kind of you! 😍
          I just showed your pic to him, n my son asked me who is she. I told him a little about you, he..he.
          He sent you salam. 😊 He’s very glad that you don’t like TV too. 😃

          Jazakillah khoir for your dua, sis! I’ll pray for you too.



  1. It’s blessing from God.
    I’m so blessed to have him as my son. He feels interest to discuss everything, so from that activity he can know many things. I’m glad to see that he can control himself in doing something, which is good or bad, he has known that. 😊
    Thank you so much, Teacher Sandie , I’m so happy that you like to read the stories of my son. I wrote about him here to keep his experience, so he can read it next.
    I learn much about parenting n teaching from your writing . 😊

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    1. It’s a great gift that you give him that allows and encourages him to feel free to discuss anything and everything with you. You are building a strong foundation with him! And respecting his point of view and valuing his opinions at this age is a very rare gift, indeed! You are a wonderful mother, and I know that applies to teaching, too!

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      1. You’ve made my day, Teacher Sandie! Truly! 😊
        I’m trying to be a good mom for him. When I respected him, he did the same.
        I always remember this advice, “Good example is the best teaching.”
        I learnt a lot from many sources, n I’ve found that parents should respect their children well.
        Yes, I’m trying to do the same in teaching (at my class).
        Thank you very much for your great opinions!
        Really glad to have you as friend n I’ve considered you as a senior teacher for me. 😍


  2. Mash Allah it is the firt time I hear about on child who hates TV! Even me as an adult I can’t stop watching TV hehehe. Really you are blessed with a great child sister.

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