Help Me Spread the Word About ‘The Ducktrinors’ Book Launch

Assalamu’alaikum my lovely friends!
Are you a novel lover? The Ducktrinors is a great novel to read, written by Papatia Feauxzar (Novelist). She’s one of my awesome friends.
Okay, for more information, please check her nice blog! I’m sure you’ll find the beautiful posts of her. Thanks!

Between Sisters, SVP!

Salams, Peace Be Unto You Readers!

The Ducktrinors book Please help me spread the word about my new YA interfaith novel, The Ducktrinors. Below is a free chapter and ways you can help me God willing, insha’Allah, spread the word. @Daisy1434 The Ducktrinors Hanifa Book 1 %23HanifaD (Please click on the link to post on Twitter now)

or click on to read the free chapter.

I’m also inviting up to 100 bloggers to review my new book on their blog and receive an extra copy they can give away to their readers. Just leave a comment below if you’re interested.

You can also receive a free eBook for requesting an authorgraph here!

Finally, the book launch is on January 24th, 2016 insha’Allah, God willing. Please sign up! It’s FREE and 100 tickets are available.

Thanks so much for your help!

PAPATIA_AVATAR-1Papatia Feauxzar

Author of The Ducktrinors

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