APS Peshawar Attack| Open Invitation For A Global Tribute

Assalamu’alaikum everyone!
Firstly, thanks to sis Saadia Haq, a writer and the author of Human Lens who has written about APS Peshawar attack. Last year (2014) I read about this tragedy in her blog and in the other medias, and I still remember what was happened. As a mother of one son and a teacher I just can pray for the youth of Pakistan, hope they’ll get light future, n for all the victims, may Allah give them many blessing and keep their soul in His good place. Ameen.
Please keep the children and give them good chance to get their

Thanks Sis Saadia!

The Human Lens


On 16th december, 2014 Pakistan not just lost 144 innocent souls but lost 144 dreams and 144 ideas. It was not an attack on APS school students but an attack on the “Youth of Pakistan.” This was by far the most horrifying event that has taken place on our mother land and one year ahead, we are still reeling from the sheer horror that cowardly fundamentalist militants have killed our children, and killed our dreams for a brighter future of Pakistan.

It seems surreal that one year has passed to this nightmare and a local organization Azaad Pakistan is running a letter writing activity for the Victims and survivors of the APS Peshawar Attack.

This letter in an open invitation to all Pakistanis as well as global community where through this letter writing activity we are inviting everyone to express their sentiments, be it grief or sorrows and sympathy with the victims…

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