Lessons from Japan

“Japanese people are well known as people who have applied high discipline in all parts of their lives.” I shared my thought to my younger sister Riska.

“That’s very true!” said Riska.
“I saw the facts about that with my eyes, and I have to say they’re really amazing people.”

“Do you want to know about their positive habits?”

“Okay, please tell me, maybe I can take some advantages from your story.” I was interested to hear her story.

“Anyhow I lived there only a week, but I had captured and took many positive lessons from Japanese. Here are some of their positive characters:

• They’re workaholics.
• They care about cleanliness. We met a Japanese woman who took the rubbish (only a paper) on sidewalk.
• Some of them don’t know about topics of movies even the Japans movies. They don’t have time for watching movies.
• The main point they always obey the rules.
I give 4 thumbs for them!” 😄

Subhanallah, that’s GREAT!

“We didn’t hear thorns during we lived there.” My younger sister smiled at me, “it’d be nice if Indonesian people can imitate these positive habits.”

“True, but it isn’t easy to do. Maybe we can start from little community like our families or school. Yes, I have idea to share these good lessons to my students.”

“Good thinking!” replied Riska my younger sister.

“Thanks for the lessons, we start from ourselves, we start from small community and we start right now!”

The conversation above was happened a few days after my younger sister arrived from Japan. She was chosen to be a member of Sakura exchange program. Alhamdulillah. She also has a dream to take her master program in Japan, insha’Allah.

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني

7 thoughts on “Lessons from Japan”

    1. Indeed, sis! We can take lessons from anything n in everywhere not only in class. I’m sure you have many experiences about traveling. You’ve visited n lived in some countries, awesome! 👍👍👍

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      1. Yes indeed Sis and it taught me things that I could never learn in a class or from a book.I am happy that you are doing a great job as a teacher, May Allah bless you more, I am sure kids must be loving you a lot in class.

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        1. Agreed!! Alhamdulillah, as a teacher I must be active to find the good lessons for me n my students. I hope so. I love them a lot. “Love” is so important to make good teaching n learning activities. ❤

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  1. The pictures are great. I’m glad she had a good time in Japan. I know we could use some of those lessons here in America, too. Especially the one about cleanliness. I live near Pittsburgh, and it’s one of the cleanest cities, but my monsters and I are always trying to pick up the trash in our small town.

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    1. Thank you for your nice compliment. My sister did work hard to pass all the tests of that program, and finally she was chosen. Yes, cleanliness is one of difficult thing to apply. But, we have to try. You were doing great to keep your city clean. If you don’t please send me the pics of your city. 🙂

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