I Stand with Humanity ! I Stand against Terrorism #PrayforParis

I just wanted to say that Islam is a religion of peace.
The true Muslims won’t do terrors to spread Islam. So Muslims aren’t terrorists!
TERRORISTS ARE TERRORISTS! No matter their religion are, if they did terrors, so they’re TERRORISTS!
I’m a Muslim, n I love PEACE!
I believe You do! 💞

A Day Dreamer's Diary

Like everyone else today,  I also woke up  to the horrifying and  shocking news of Paris Terrorist Attack and since then I couldn’t stop my mind and heart thinking about it. Paris  is not far from where I live and I have special memories attached to the city as it was my first European destination. I have lived in Paris for small time for my work and have visited this beautiful city many times.Imagining the places I have walked everyday, to be  filled with horror and terror is heart breaking. Thinking about the pain of  people who live there or who lost someone yesterday is numbing my brain . My heart is sad and nothing seems to comfort me right now and I   am hoping to find an escape through my blog.


What is happening in Syria, Lebanon  and what happened in Tunis few months back and now Paris…

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10 thoughts on “I Stand with Humanity ! I Stand against Terrorism #PrayforParis”

    1. Yes, I had to share her beautiful post, I thought. You n sis Sana wrote the same topic. N I only added my little thought there, because I know medias often say that TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIMS, n MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS. I don’t agree with that.

      Ameen. I’ve missed you more my sister. I’ve read your messages on Skype n I’ll reply it as soon as possible. Jazakillah khoir , dear! 😍

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