The Richest Person In The World

Assalamu’alaikum my lovely friends!

May Allah bless you all! ❀


As I checked emails in my mailbox, I found this awesome email from Merciful Servant Channel. And I thought, it was good to share in my blog. It was about “The Richest Person In The World.”

Most of Muslims in this world have known about it. The answer is ……….

5. Amansio Ortega, Spain [$ 64.5 billion]

4. Warren Buffett, USA [$ 72.7 billion]

3. Carlos Slim Helu, Mexico [ $ 77.1 billion]

2. Bill Gates, USA [$ 79.2 billion]

1.The man who always prays two rakaah before fajr.

“The Two (sunnah) rakaah of fajr are better than the world and whatever it contains.” [Prophet Muhammad SAW]

As Moslem, I have no doubt about it. My life isn’t only in this world, but also in hereafter. Yes, I need money to recover my life, but finding money isn’t my main purpose.

Islam has guided us how to find money with good way, and use it also in good way, with good intention.

I’ll put a few verses here,

“Competition in [worldly] increase diverts you. (1) Until you visit the graveyards.(2) No! you are going to know.(3) Then no! You are going to know.(4) No! if you only knew with knowledge of certainty….(5) You will surely see the Hell fire.(6) Then you will surely see it with the eye of certainty.(7) Then you will surely be asked that Day about pleasure.”(8) [At-Takathur 1-8]

May Allah gives us ease to answer about pleasureΒ in that Day. Ameen!Β 


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