Where Do You Put Your Self- Esteem?


Barakallahu fiikum!


The question for myself.

Where do you put your self- esteem?

In your new house?

On your face?

In your job?

In your wealth?

In your words?

In your writing?

Or even in your blog?

My answer is just so simple, I don’t put my self- esteem there, 

I only put it in my character! 🙂

image credit: selfhacked.com
image credit: selfhacked.com

17 thoughts on “Where Do You Put Your Self- Esteem?”

    1. Thank you, my sister! Yeah, same here! I believe in you, that you have beautiful family who always love you! Nice words, sis! Ps: I have read your messages on skype, and I’m finding time to reply them, he…he. Thank you so much for the messages, dear sis! ❤

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