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If I Have To Say

If I have to say,
I’m proud become Indonesian,
And, I’m so proud become Muslim!

If I have to say,
I love Indonesia,
And, I really love Islam!

If I have to say,
I’m ready to face the enemies of my country,
And, I’ll give my body and my soul to against the enemies of Islam.


الله اكبر، لااله الا الله، محمد الرسول الله
رضيت بالله ربّا، وبالاسلام دينا، وبمحمد نبيّا ورسولا

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني



I'm a teacher in Islamic Elementary School. Hand lettering is my new hobby, but I like it so much. Here, I wanna master it n all the genre of my writing.

29 thoughts on “If I Have To Say

    1. Thank you so much for your nice suggestion, dear friend! 👍 It’ll be easy, for sure!
      I have posted some pics and videos about my country and I put in “Indonesian stories.” You can check them in your free time. 😊

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  1. I’ve done the step by step art project post for you on my blog, as I promised. It is the latest one, about collages for notebook covers. It’s a fun activity for you and the kids at school. I would love for you to visit and look at it. Let me know what you think. x

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                    1. Another option is to press the share button above the gravatars at the bottom of the post; click the W (press this) icon; add your text and press publish to reblog. I think this will work for the time being. x

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    1. Thank you, dear Michelle! ❤ I'm just someone who has love, so I wanna share my love. I get many inspirations from you, dear! Much love to you too, my dear friend! Your presence n your comment here made me happy. ❤


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