I’m So Proud of You, My Student! 😍

“Assalamu’alaikum, Ma’am!”, said a beautiful girl to me, when I was hunting a jacket for my son at mall.

“Eh, hmm who’re you?” asked I to her. Really I didn’t know about her.

“I’m Yesi, Ma’am! Your student!”
“Oh, Yesi! Is it you, Dear? Alifa’s friend, right? First graduation of SDIT Ad-Da’wah.”
“Yes, Ma’am!” answered that girl proudly.
“I’m so happy to meet you here, Yesi. How’re you? How’s your younger sister Mia?”

Then she told about her and Mia.

“So nice to hear about yourself and Mia.”
“You work here, Dear? But I didn’t see you when I visited it last week.

“Yes, Ma’am! I’m working here now, just for experience before I go to the college. Next September I’ll start my study at college.”

“Masha’Allah, that’s so nice, Dear!”

Then, I asked how to contact her. She gave me her number. She apologized that she can’t use her phone while working. After asked the permission she back to her position, and I continued my work to hunt a jacket 😃

In the way to my home, I remembered the old experience at school, especially remembering about Yesi, my student.

Nine years ago, she was a student at class 4 in SDIT Ad-Da’wah. She was a kind little girl. Unfortunately in that time, she was one of students who had problem in lessons. She couldn’t understand the lessons well, and she didn’t have many friends, and I was worried about her, because she had a low self confidence. Her parents asked me to motivate her oldest daughter. They told about herself wholly. They cried. They felt that her daughter can’t study at high school. They also said, that they will be very happy if their daughter can pass the elementary school. They didn’t give high target for Yesi. On the contrary with her younger sister Mia, Mia always get first ranking at school. The other teachers and I tried our best to motivate and explore the abilities and the talents of Yesi. Yes, I found as a student she couldn’t get high score in lessons but she was really a good student. She always obeys the rules and follows my advice to learn diligently. Alhamdulillah she could pass her basic study.

And yesterday, I met a self confident girl, a smart girl and she talked to me nicely. Masha’Allah she isn’t a little girl anymore. I found a high self confidence in herself. Allahu Akbar! Yesi, I’m so proud of you. I’m so happy for you! You’re really a smart girl, my student!
May Allah continue to give you ease in your whole life. May Allah give you success in your life, my dear! Ameen!

*We talked via SMS after that, because she uses BBM, and I don’t use it. I asked her Whatsapp, but she doesn’t use it. 😅

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني

19 thoughts on “I’m So Proud of You, My Student! 😍”

    1. Yes, I do love it, Sis SB! Some of my students have changed and gotten their talents I’m really happy to hear about them, Sis. We always keep our relationship between them and I.
      (I’m so sorry for late to respond your nice comment, sister)
      Peace and Luv! 💞

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  1. ustadzah…..it’s been a long time i’m not meet with you……finally i found your blog,and that was amazing story about yesi <3, i do remember her when we were at elementary school,she is pretty nice i think,i agree with you that she changed at all, and i will be the same with you to say "May Allah give yesi success in her life,and the last i'm proud of being her friend 🙂

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    1. Assalamu’alaikum, my dear!
      Aww you’re so sweet, Haifa! N you are one of my students who have changed too, dear! 😍
      How about your study, now?
      Thank you for your dua, Haifa!
      Luv you so much! 💝 Alhamdulillah, finally you found my blog. It was great to hear your thoughts about Yesi!


    1. Agreed, Madam!
      Some of my students have changed became amazing people! N here in this blog, one of them (Haifa) had the same opinion with me about her friend. She did know about Yesi, because she was Yesi’s classmate. I’m so happy for them! Thank you, Madam!

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    1. Alhamdulillah, my sister! I’m sure, there were many teachers who had given good influences to her. Alhamdulillah for everything! jazakillah khoir sister for your dua. May Allah bless you n your beautiful family, ameen! 🙂

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  2. I am so happy to read you first hand valuable experience. You have set a good example for students and teachers. We should share our experiences to motivate. I would request you to read my Gems and Jewels if get time please. love and peace to you

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  3. Mash Allah, we never know what Allah plans for us in the future. When we face problems we worry so much just like the parents of Yesi did and see what she became: a self confident girl

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  4. Masha’Allah such a wonderful story sis! Yesi reminds me of myself when I was younger, I had no self confidence- it’s amazing how things can change so quickly ❤ She sounds like such a beautiful person, may Allah continue to shower His blessings upon her!

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    1. oh, really Sister?!! Ah, It’s hard to believe! 🙂 But, you’re great too, that you have changed too. Alhamdulillah, Yesi is a nice girl! Allah has blessed her life, alhamdulillah! This month, she starts her study at University.


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