Live “Not” For Satan!

Yesterday, as we went to school, I read the words the worst words that I have ever read along my life, “LIVE FOR SATAN.” I found it on the T-shirt of an old man. He wore his T-shirt calmly and didn’t pay attention to the words. But, on the title above I put “Not” to against the words.

When I read those words or maybe the motto of life, I thought that man doesn’t understand the meaning of the words. I guessed he’s Moslem.
It was sad, I found the fact many Moslems in my community especially the old people don’t understand at all about English. Poor people.

“LIVE FOR SATAN” astaghfirullah, it’s a part of big shirik for sure. As Moslems, we live in this world for Allah only. We came from Allah, we live for Allah and we’ll be returned to Allah. Let’s correct those words, “LIVE FOR ALLAH!”

“Indeed, I have turned my face toward He who created the heavens and the earth, including toward truth, and I am not of those who associate others with Allah.” Al-An’am:79

May Allah strengthen our faith, ameen!

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني

17 thoughts on “Live “Not” For Satan!”

            1. That’s true! Just the way info, here the people speak using tribal language n some of them use Indonesian language. We don’t use English as our language in our speaking. Such as the policy in education. Almost the lessons are delivered in Indonesian language since Elementary school, only the international schools n boarding schools those use English, Arabic n other languages in their learning activities. Like that, sis!

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              1. I wasn’t aware. Do teach your child English, it’s a medium of communication in major parts of the world. But of course along with other languages which have equal importance:)

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                1. Yes of course! The students here also learn English, Arabic, besides Indonesian n tribal language. But, they speak Indonesian in daily conversation. Alhamdulillah my son loves all those languages, like me. 🙂

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    1. I guessed the same, sis! I hope that man will know about its meaning. Actually I wanted to explain about the meaning of those words,, but I didn’t have much times, n he walked so fast. It wasn’t easy to advise others, sister.


    1. Yes, I think about that too. Yeah, as I said in previous, some of the people, especially the old people don’t understand English,, We don’t use English as our language. But, of course the other people who have high education have good abilities in English.


  1. As Allah clearly said …”Satan is your open enemy, so make him as an enemy”

    V shudnt make him as our friend by following his footstep..and his tricks ..which he’ll decieve us in all aspects of life.


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    1. The main problem is “Some of the old people don’t have good ability in English.” As I knew here, we use 2 languages, tribal and national language, and they prefer tribal than international language. Yeah, so sad, Sis!


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