The Story of The Old Woman (2)

The memories of her
Were playing in
My mind:

As I was child
I found her pic
In her private room
She was truly beautiful
I admire her beauty

But, her beauty
Had invited the crime
Upon her
She got evil
The evil of an envier

The evil minded man
Carried away her beauty
She can’t speak
After that

She cried,
When the people sent greetings
Upon her
When the people gave charities
When the families consoled her
When the people talked with her
When the people…………………….
She cried
And she’ll cry

We can’t put
The smiles on her face
Her heart has broken
Too many hardships
Came to her
Yet she still has faith
In her heart

“Don’t be sad, Grandma!
Allah hears your prayers!
Believe in Him!”

PS: Jazakillah khoir, dear Haya for your suggestions!

To all readers n my friends, from the bottom of my heart, I ask you, please pray for this old lady. May Allah put blessings and happiness upon her, ameen! Thank you very much for your prayers!

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني

7 thoughts on “The Story of The Old Woman (2)”

    1. From the story that I’ve ever heard, yes she is! The people told me, (because I asked them) there was a man who had intention to marry her, but she refused his offer. He didn’t accept it, then he used black magic to send evil upon this woman. And he did! O, dear sis, if you see her pic, masha’Allah, I think it’ll hard for you to believe this tragedy. I grew up n lived near her house, but now I’m living in other village. And in day 4 of Syawal, we made gathering, I met her. She is older than her age. 😢


      1. Oh this is so sad. This man did not act in a correct way. He seems to be those men who when a woman refuse to be with them , they get extremely jealous and wish that no other man will be able to marry the woman.

        Did someone recite ruqya on her maybe the black magic will go in sh Allah. Awww i feel very sad for this sister, in sh Allah I will make dua.

        It shows that it is very important to always seek Allah’s protection by reciting those specific quranic verses and duas that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught us.

        People use black magic a lot.

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        1. Indeed, sis! Very sad! Oh, I dunno about that. People have done ruqyah or not. It has happened since long time ago. I found her like that since I was child . I have not seen her beautiful face in reality only in her pic. Her mom (a mother of my grandma) told that the pic was her daughter. All her brothers n sisters told me like that too. Very true we should protect ourselves from black magic by reading Qur’an. Jazakillah khoir for your willingness to pray for her, my sister! May Allah protect you n your family! Ameen

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