Don’t Blame The Frog!

“A young mother was teaching her baby to walk. The cute baby followed her mom’s instructions happily. She was glad because she could walk long.
The baby tried to walk alone. Her mom was sitting on the bench controlling her. Suddenly, the baby fell and cried. Her mom ran toward the baby and said, “it’s okay! Oh come on my dear, don’t cry! Where’s the frog? Let’s catch it! Don’t cry, okay!”
(The mother blamed the frog when her baby fell)

When my son was fallen from his cycle, he beat his cycle. I saw that then asked him, “Hey dear, what was happened?”
“My cycle is bad Mom! Its brake didn’t work well.”
“Hmmm, I’ll let you know something. Your cycle doesn’t have mistake. I think you were careless just now. I just checked its brake, it’s good. Don’t blame your cycle! Listen, if it can speak like us, it’ll defend itself and says to you, (Hey Kaka, I didn’t disturb you. I’m only a cycle. So, don’t beat me).”
Kaka didn’t speak again. I guessed he tried to understand my words. I don’t want he throws his mistake to other. Perhaps it’s just a very little thing, but it’s a serious thing for me, and I must correct it. If not, I’m worried my son will fear to admit his mistake (but not to blame himself).

Let’s see the other cases!
📌 When parents saw the bad results of their children’s exams, poor parents will blame the teachers, the lessons, the school, the education system and government. They forgot something. They didn’t see the process of the exams wholly.

📍 When the teachers found the difficulties in teaching, the poor teachers will blame the students, the parents, and etc.

📣 And when the manager got failures, the poor manager usually blame his employees.
So many frogs here! 😊
Have you ever seen the cases like these, my friends?
So, if you find your governments always blame their people, perhaps as they kids, they were taught to blame the frogs. 😃

الحق من الله، والخطاء مني

27 thoughts on “Don’t Blame The Frog!”

  1. Amazing lesson! I always love to read your writing! It can be challenging to admit our faults at times, but may we all be granted sincerity and strength to admit them. It is truly important ❤

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  2. Reblogged this on HumaAq and commented:
    My wise friend Fatmawaty has a great approach when it comes to teaching her son a lesson about life. A lesson, I will remember to impart to my children as well. Thanks Fatmawaty.

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  3. I really like this!! the frog blaming is perfect and I agree completely, if people would accept the blame for the mistakes they make, they will learn from them and go on to be better people thereby making the world a better place for everyone!! Nice job my friend!

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    1. Thank you very much for your nice compliment my dear friend! 😊 Admitting our mistakes isn’t easy actually, but we must try it. Firstly from ourselves, then from small community, like family.
      Agree with your opinion to make this world as a nice place to live.

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  4. We are always surrounded with people(including ourselves) to start a blame game and frog suffers! You have come up with an inspiring lesson Fatma that one should not blame other’s for the little mistakes.

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    1. Exactly! Many people (including ourselves) are so arrogant to admit their mistakes. Throwing our mistakes to others is very…very easy.
      We have to try to remove this bad habits little by little.
      Thank you for your opinion, sister! 😊

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  5. The post was good!! I LOVED that cute frog, is there any web you an make images like this, and personalize them, if so, please tell me.

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