In the First Night of Ramadan

The grave of my Dad.
The grave of my Dad.

In the first night

of Ramadan

I saw my Dad

in my dream

It was looked so real!

He was sleeping

on the mattress

wearing his red blanket

I sat beside him

I looked at his face

I found peace on his face

I thought………..

thought…and thought

Then I soon realized

Our worlds are different

He has returned

to his Lord

When He was alive

He had ever said

About the death

“If I die, don’t cry about my death!

Because every soul

Will taste death

It’s only about time

I and you

and all of us

Will meet our death

Who will be the first?

Only Allah The Knowing!

Don’t be sad!

Allah with us

And remember

Never put anything

On my grave


our Prophet didn’t do that.”

He was right

And I didn’t cry

As he died

But I cried when I prayed

For him

Alone in my room

اللهم اغفرله وارحمه وعافه واعف عنه


In the first night

Of Ramadan

I saw my dad

In my dream

I was happy

With his presence! ❤


33 thoughts on “In the First Night of Ramadan”

  1. I am sorry to hear that your Dad is not here but he is still with you. May Allah give him peace and give him forgiveness,and highest place in Jannah. The dream.. Oh it must be a good dream seeing him resting on his bed:)

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