We Had a Beautiful Childhood! :)

I don’t understand

Why so many adults

asked the children

to become adults.

I’m worried

they’ll be precocious

While in the same time

I often see the adults

are  childish.

Who are wrong, here?

Child is a child

Adult is an adult

Their lives are different

There will be a time

For children

To grow -up


Let them to enjoy

Their childhood nicely

I trust them completely

They’ll say,

in the future

“We had a beautiful childhood!”

10 thoughts on “We Had a Beautiful Childhood! :)”

  1. Ahhh that was lovely and I really enjoyed the truth in this poem. Small correction – grow up – instead of grew up! (Grew up is the past tense!) Lovely and beautifully expressed! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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