Snake and Caterpillar

Marhaban Yaa Ramadan!
Marhaban Yaa Syahro Siyam!

Ramadan is so close. Just count the days! Alhamdulillah.
May this Ramadan will become our greatest Ramadan, where we’ll learn to apply Islam’s rules and give ourselves to our Lord for Allah’s pleasure in all part of our lives.

Ramadan is not as A TEST MONTH but it is A TRAINING MONTH for us to increase our faith, to increase our lives value, so we can ready to face our lives in the next months.
If people think Ramadan as A TEST month, they’ll celebrate it after finished their fasting, by buying new clothes, new gadgets, and so on.

On the contrary, if they think it is A TRAINING MONTH, they will use this Ramadan for worshiping Allah in all seriousness. They will not think about food….food….food….new clothes, new cars, new wife/husband (just a joke) but they will think about Allah. How to get Allah’s love and how to live within Islam.( I’m not a good Muslim, only trying to be better!)

Talking about Ramadan, I won’t write the definition of fasting and how to do it. Every Muslim has known about it. I’m sure that. I only will share about animal that also do fasting like mankind. They are Snake and Caterpillar.
There other animals that do fasting too, but these animals are enough for us to take the lesson.

As we know Snake as a wild animal. If it needs to increase his vitality, he’ll fast for some days. He’ll stop his fasting after he got a new skin. He uses his new skin and he’ll leave his snail pit proudly. He’ll feel very hungry after fasting. He needs to eat then he’ll catch the other animals greedily.
After fasting, this animal becomes wilder than before.

And now let’s see the Caterpillar. (She) is physically repulsive. This animal has (bad behavior) LOL! We’ve known her bad deeds (he…he)
But, wait! If she wants to increase the value of her life, she’ll fast too for a few days. She uses pupa while she’s fasting. She’ll stop her fasting after getting a new shape of her body. Yes she has metamorphosed become a beautiful butterfly. Masha’Allah!

I love her now.  Who doesn’t like her? She is so beautiful, and she has (good manner) too. 😉 Now, she’ll leave her nice home happily. She’ll search the nectar and giving her help to the flowers. So sweet of her!

After fasting, this animal will be looked very…very beautiful! We can’t see her (bad attitude) in her past.

What about us?

“O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous.” [Al-Baqara: 183]

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