The Support for “Me”

How long you will hang on wings of others?

Move your wings

And fly over the sky

Get your freedom!

Draw your dream on the clouds!

Start your life there!

Then say, “I CAN!!!”

My favorite quotes of writing:

“Poetry is not a thing, but a way of saying it.” [A.E. Housman]

“There is no great writing, only great rewriting.” [Justice Brandeis]

“You can succeed as a writer if you are willing to write and write and write… Writing is not thinking writing or talking about writing or reading books on writing. Writing is writing. Just keep writing!” [Rachel Ballon]

12 thoughts on “The Support for “Me””

  1. Lovely words, I like your little poetry which invites people not to depend on others and to do whatever is possible to achieve one’s dreams.

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