Hand Prints On the Wall

Hand Prints On the Wall
(Author Unknown)

One day as I was picking
the toys up off the floor,
I noticed a small hand print
on the wall beside the door.
I knew that it was something
that I’d seen most every day,
but this time when I saw it there
I wanted it to stay.
Then tears welled up inside my eyes,
I knew it wouldn’t last
for every mother knows
her children grow up way too fast.
Just then I put my chores aside
and held my children tight.
I sang to them sweet lullabies
and rocked into the night.
Sometimes we take for granted,
all those things that seem so small.
Like one of God’s great treasures…
A small hand print on the wall.

I found the poem above from a book of Stories by Unknown Author. My eyes captured a beautiful title of the poems, “Hand Prints On the Wall,” then I decided to share it. As a mother I have the same feeling with that author. I saw my son grows up way too fast.

My (baby) is 6 years old now, and he will start his studies this year. Alhamdulillah! I’m glad with this fact that he will learn more of life. I imagined about his future life, 6 years in Elementary School, 3 years in Junior High School, 3 years in Senior High School then he will continue his studies to University or college. Oh, masha’Allah he will be a young man. It very…very fast. If Allah gives us more chances to live in this world, I’ll see my son in another person. He will start a new life as a husband and father. Allahu Rabb! I’ll miss his childhood. I dreamed about his future.

And now I see him still a boy, an active boy. I am a witness of his activities. When he was 2, he liked to write everything in every material, floor, wall, cupboard, boxes, doors, and in my clothes. LOL! I gave him some books, whiteboard, pens and felt-tip marker. He writes and draws most every day. And as he was 3, he loved to play mud, and lied on it. I let him to play mud, because I knew he learned something from mud, and ground. I took his pictures when he played with it, I’ll show him, tell him about his childhood in 12 years later. Insha’Allah! I want to know his reaction about himself. It’d be a great event next!

Kaka was playing mud, and he enjoyed it a lot. LOL!
Kaka was playing mud, and he enjoyed it a lot. LOL!
Kaka was being examined in reading IQRA' by Ustadz.
Kaka was being examined in reading IQRA’ by Ustadz.

In my opinion, every mother will miss the childhood of her children. So, let’s play with them and be a witness of their wonderful childhood.

7 thoughts on “Hand Prints On the Wall”

  1. Such a lovely poem and I truly feel every word in that poem and as well what you wrote. Praying Allah for better enlightened future for them and little more time for us to spend with them. 🙂

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  2. Aww very emotional 💜 mash’Allah may Allah bless your little one into becoming an intelligent and well mannered muslim just like his mother 💜

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