Lombok Island – The Island of Incredibly Breathtaking Beaches

Wonderful Island! If you have plan to travel to Indonesia someday, so Lombok island is one of beautiful places to visit.

2 thoughts on “Lombok Island – The Island of Incredibly Breathtaking Beaches”

  1. Assalamu alaykum,

    I am an academic from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. I like and love your blog-posts, especially those on your village life. These are really amazing to know and see the photographs. Carry on, Sister. May Allah swt bless you and us all.

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    1. Wa’alaikumussalam, Brother!
      Nice to meet you here. I really appreciate your presence in my blog. Thank you so much for your encouraging, it supports me. And I’m glad to know many people around the world. I have friends too from Bangladesh. Masha’Allah!


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