When are They going to do Prayer?


Last week, there was a guest to our home. She was a friend of my mother. She came for sewing.
She and my mother talked each other while Kaka and his cousin were playing toy cars outside.

A short time later, we heard a dzuhur praying call. Kaka and Ade ran to the bathroom for taking ablution, while the adult were enjoying their talk. After took ablution, they reminded me too, “Mom, please take ablution, remember we must pray on time.” I said, “Sure, I was waiting you and now my turn to take ablution. Do prayer well, don’t too fast! Okay!”

Twenty minutes later, they saw the guest is still talking. They asked each other, “When are they going to do prayer? It was too late. Did they hear adzan (praying call)?” Their grandmother and her guest heard the questions from those kids, they smiled at the boys and said, “Yes we must cut our talk and thank you for the reminder. You’re both pious kids! Masha’Allah!” The boys smiled too, and talked about that to me.

The guest said to me, “I feel embarrass with these two boys! How can they do prayer on time?”

We didn’t force them to pray on time. We have said to them about the time of prayers, and Allah will love to the Muslims who always pray on time. Firstly, they did it since their ages 5 (Kaka) and 4 (Ade). They had a special time for watching their favorite film and its time after dzuhur prayer. They wanted to watch that film freely, so they decided to pray first before watching a movie. Since that, it was became their habits, and till now, they always pray on time, especially dzuhur. It was the story about them. Alhamdulillah, they’re like a live alarm for us. I’m really sure, they have been guided by Allah to love Islam and its precept. We, as adult have to give them a good example. We must do what we’ve talked and asked to the kids because they’ll protest us, when they see us ignored our saying.

15 thoughts on “When are They going to do Prayer?”

  1. I have such admiration for how well you are doing with English. I know it is a difficult language to learn. You are doing better than some Americans! I just wanted to mention two words that need clarity. I think you meant guest (a person who is invited to visit or take part in a function organized by another) instead of guess. The second thing I wanted to mention is that the word shy doesn’t seem to fit here. While you have the meaning of the word correct (being reserved or having or showing nervousness or timidity in the company of other people), I am wondering it that is what you meant. Did you mean that the guest was too bashful to pray in front of the boys? I don’t think that is what you meant. Thank you for letting me help.
    A friend in the U.S.A.,

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    1. Yes, sister.. I meant “Guest” he..he.. thank you very much for your corrections. I really loved it. Okay, I’ll edit my post. Don’t feel hesitate to correct my posts if you find some mistakes in my writing. So, I can learn from that. Thanks a lot sis Ginene. Much love for you. [Fatma]

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    1. and a guest feel shy too, sis, because they prayed too late. Do you know, this time is dzuhur prayer time. And there is a guest too. They have taken prayer, and reminded the adult again. he..he

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        1. Thank you Sis! I wanted to spread Islam peacefully, taken from our experiences and others too. thank for your support, Sis! I always love the corrections and suggestions from you n others. thanks a lot, Sister! 🙂


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