Wek… wek… wek (the duck character)

Who is your Lord?


My Lord is Allah


Who is your Prophet?


My prophet is Muhammad (SAW)


So, you’re Muslim, correct?


Yes, I’m.


Why do you choose Islam as your religion?


Because my parents are Muslims,

And so were my forefather.


Do you perform prayers every day?


Yes, I do.

Why do you perform prayers?


Because I saw my parents always do prayers.


Do you know your purpose in this life?


I don’t know. I only do what my parents and my forefather did in their lives.


Do you read Qur’an?


I do, but I don’t know what Qur’an said. I read it, I memorized it, but I don’t feel that Qur’an as my guidance.


Oh, I see. By the way, why you always say “wek…wek…wek”  before answered my questions?


I don’t know too, may be it is my habits in answering the questions. LOL! Sorry for that!


LOL! Oh, okay…okay! May I share you something, my friend?


Sure you may, please do share!


Thank you so much! Firstly, I hope I don’t follow your habits, he…he in answering the questions.

Brother! I’m  your brother in one faith. I have to remind you to find your purpose in this life. Please read again about the process of human creation surah al-‘alaq verse 2, “Created man from a clinging substance.” We can find about the process of human in other surah. Then learn what Allah said in surah Adh-Dhariyat verse 56, “And I did not create jinn and mankind except to worship Me,” about our tasks in this world, then please read a lot about the hereafter such as Surah Al-Qiyamah, An-Nabaa and so on! From those verses, you’ll get the meaning of your life, your task and the reason why you’re Muslim.

 Don’t be like a duck! I’m sure you know what I meant!

Insha’Allah, yes I do know. Jazakallah my brother, you’ve given me the light!


Alhamdulillah, I’m so glad you didn’t say “wek…wek…wek” again. It means you just removed your “duck” character, right? I did it, because I really love you, Brother! We’ve to advise each other.


I love you too, Brother!

Wek…wek…wek…. sorry, just kidding!   😀

5 thoughts on “Wek… wek… wek (the duck character)”

    1. Your beautiful comment is as support for me! Glad to hear that from you 😍 no matter my dear friend!
      Thanks so much for reading n commenting. 😊


  1. Hi Fatima. Your english is very good as always. I am also still learning the english languange. But maybe I will just need to tell you one thing:
    “Do you take pray every day?” –> Hmm I think it should’ve be “Do you perform prayers everyday? OR “Do you pray everyday?”, because take and pray are both verbs, correct me if i am wrong 😀

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