Learning at college, May 11 – Memories

The Prompt
Write a story inspired by a memory from your own life

Talking about memory, well I had many experiences of it. The happiness, the sadness, horror, fun memory and so on. I did remember almost the memories of mine since I was a child (since I was 3). Yeah, I didn’t remember my life when I was baby , LOL.
I’ll write a funny story when I was student at Islamic Boarding School, I got many…many experiences there, because I live, stayed learned and connected with many people from all cities of Indonesia.

(I publish it too late!)  😀

It isn't my handwriting. In that time, my writing was rally like the picture of worms. Because I wrote while sleeping.
It isn’t my handwriting. In that time, my writing was really like the picture of worms. Because I wrote while sleeping.

Learning at College,1999.
I did follow two study programs in my school. Study program for boarding and for my college. I did learn for my boarding school in the morning then I continued my study after 01.00 pm till afternoon. There was learning activity in our night.

My friends and I gave good concentration for our boarding program, but we ignored a little to our college program. We were very busy to study there. There were many programs and activities, from morning till the night. Very tired but fun.

We were students of Islamic college, but we didn’t follow it well, just entered the class and sat inside, listen to our lecturers lazily. Sometimes, we don’t follow the lesson at all, because our times were taken for our boarding program. Almost of us were the managers in our boarding school. How we would give the good concentration if we couldn’t hear the voice of our lecturers. There was funny experience about it. Sorry, I will not tell the name of my lecturer, it’s forbidden.

At the middle day, we were sitting in class. We studied about Basic Social Sciences (Ilmu Sosial dasar). We tried to give full concentration to our lecturer, but we couldn’t hear her voice. It was too soft. Really!
What should I write from her explanation if I couldn’t hear her voice. I saw around and I found many of my friends were sleeping at class, lol! I asked to my friend slowly, “Why they are sleeping, Hani?”

“I think they are tired and they can’t hear the voice of our lecturer, I’m sleepy too. What about you?”

“This time I’m not sleepy, I’m not sure a few minutes later, perhaps I’ll follow them, ha..ha.”

“Are you writing something from her explanation?” Hani asked me again.

“Nope, ha..ha.” I gave her the sign that I couldn’t hear her voice.

“Eva, I’ll sleep now, he…he.” Hani informed me about that. It was funny!

“Please do! Sweet dream! He…he!” I saw Hani took a bow, but she still held her pen and opened her notebook. “Nice work, Hani!” I smiled at her.

I tried to pay good attention to my lecturer as I could, but I was failed. I was sleepy too, and I didn’t remember how many minutes I slept. I followed Hani’s way, I held my pen and put on my notebook like a student who writes the lesson. Hani waked me up after the lesson over.

“I can’t believe it, you slept too very well, ha..ha!” Hani said and laughed, “see your writing, it’s like the picture of worms. You drew them very good, Eva! Can you read your writing?”

“Ha..ha..ha, I can’t read my notebook! It’s so bad! I was so sleepy, Hani. I saw our friends were sleepy too, it wasn’t fair if I didn’t sleep here.” I laughed too. I asked to my other friends about the lesson, but nobody wrote well. Everyone said, “I didn’t write anything, what had I wrote?”

“Oh, that’s not good, Hani! We have to find the books as our references!” I offered my idea to her.

“Buying book needs money, you know! Why we don’t borrow to our teachers at boarding, I’m sure they have this book. What do you think about it?” Hani gave her idea.

“Hey, I agree with Hani!” Ida followed our discussion.

“Okay, this night we try to persuade our teachers!” I made decision and suggested them to borrow the book and our teachers’ notebooks. We were so close with our teachers. Some of them had similar ages with us, because they entered the boarding school after finished their elementary school, while we entering it after finished our senior high school.


“May I see your notebook, Eva?!” Ustadzah Afra asked my book.

“I’m shy Ustadzah, I didn’t write anything on it. It was hard to hear her explanation. So I slept at class, my friends too, he..he”
“You’re funny, dear! If you want to sleep don’t go to class, but sleep in your bedroom!”
“O, come on Ustadzah, may I borrow your book. I really need it. Next week I’ll face the exam!” I asked her to give her book.

“Okay, I’ll help you. Wait a moment okay!” Ustadzah Afra entered her room to take her books.

“Here it is! Do learn well, and get good mark for this lesson, okay! Next time, you must buy the books too. Ask to your lecturer about the references, so you will be ready to face your exam.”

“Insha’Allah, Ustadzah! I’ll do. Jazakillah for your help, I promise I’ll study well. You’re my best teacher Ustadzah!”

“Yes, of course I’m your best teacher, so you must be a good student! Good luck, my student!” Ustadzah Afra smiled at me.

I was lucky that I could get the book and her notebook, so I wasn’t worried about the exam. I didn’t know about internet in that time (1999). I didn’t know about modem, smart phone or modern devices. I only used books as my references in my study.

Now, we can get the information easily and fast. Just ask Mr. Google. LOL!

34 thoughts on “Learning at college, May 11 – Memories”

            1. LOL, dear! am I funy? really? But, I’m not Mrs. Bean! Not Mr. Bean! Hey dear, do you have experience like mine, sleeping at class? 😀 Just a joke!


    1. Oh, no sister. I asked to my teachers at boarding school. And my lecturer didn’t stay at boarding school. I have many teachers. I followed two programs. I used fiction names. I didn’t borrow a book to my lecturer. I wasn’t close with her.


  1. Ahhh, this was so funny sis! I had a similar issue when I was in college and I couldn’t understand nor hear my professor! It was so difficult taking notes in his class, I really wanted to drop out, but decided to stay- in the end, I just barely passed his class! Memories!

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