Where Has Her Husband Gone?


Where has her husband gone?

When the wife was sad

Where has her husband gone?
When the wife worked hard to finance
The need of whole family

Where has her husband gone?
When the wife educated and taught
The children at home

Where has her husband gone?
When the wife had problems

Does she have husband?
Yes, she has husband.
But, she is like a widow
Facing the hardships alone

So, where has her husband gone?

33 thoughts on “Where Has Her Husband Gone?”

    1. Thank you, I captured the reality of women here. They have husband, but those women work such as men. While their husbands are so lazy to find jobs to recover their family need. The husbands ignored their responsibilities as husband.

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        1. That’s true, sister! I have ever posted the story about “The Loser.” It was about the reality of men who feel lazy to find jobs. They always find the reasons when hunting jobs.


                1. I call them as the losers! (bad calling, maybe). I have son too, and I’m trying to tell and guide him to love to work and learn about his responsibility in the future, little by little. Because according my poor observing, I saw those men were spoiled children.

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      1. Subhan’Allah this is so sad to hear 😦 may Allah grant all the strong single mothers and wives strength, patience and rewards in Jannah tul Firdaws x

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  1. This is so sad but unfortunately true, women have been left to carry out responsibilities of the men. Its sad when society has men who do not take their responsibilities seriously.

    This post is so wonderfully written and poetic.

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    1. Yeah, sad reality! Have you ever heard about women who had to go to other countries to help their family? So, where were their husbands?
      thank you for your opinion my dear Diana. 😊


  2. Well, could be the husband is out there hangin’ out with his equally lethargic pals under a tree just being idle….I have seen lots of those examples in our country Kenya (Diana would agree) especially in the Maasai community; the men just laze under tree shades while the women do all the work, even building houses O.o

    kudos to all women of substance doing whatever they can to raise their families.

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    1. I just don’t understand with these men! Why they left their responsibilities as husband! Yes, I’m so proud to these women! They’re so strong to face their lives! Masha’Allah! Thank you, Brother for your thought!


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