May 8 – Fairy Tale Redux

The Prompt
Re-tell a classic story in your own way

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I’ll re-tell a folk tale about “Kabayan and Iteung” it was a story from West Java, and I’ll try to change the story and its ending.
In original story, Kabayan was a husband of Iteung. But, in my story I’ll make Kabayan as Iteung’s brother. In original story, it told about the Kabayan’s dream when he found an egg. Kabayan was famous as a lazy man.


One day, Kabayan was asked by his mother to buy food to the market. Then, he asked his younger sister Iteung to accompany him to go to the market. When they were walking to the market, Iteung found an egg on the path. She was very happy then showed it to her brother.
“Kabayan, look at, I found an egg. I guess it is chicken egg. Do you want it?”

“Hey, I don’t understand how could you find it? Did you take it from our uncle’s hen house?” Kabayan had doubt about that.

“Nope! Don’t think about that, the main point I found it, might be it felt from the sky, a gold egg, he..he..”

“Give it to me! I have a great idea about it.” Kabayan received an egg from his sister.

“I’ll keep this egg and put it in the hen-house of our uncle. What do you think about it?” Kabayan asked his sister.

“I agree with you, Kabayan. From one egg, it’ll become a hen, then it will proliferate, then we’ll have a lot of hens. We’ll sell our hens and use the money to buy sheep and goats, right Kabayan?” Iteung gave her great idea.

“You’re great, my sister! Now, we have sheep and goats. I’ll become a famous shepherd and you’re a shepherdess. Yes, we’ll have much money, we can buy anything, we can help our parents. We’re great people Iteung! I’m so proud of you! Ha..ha..ha. What is your idea now?” Kabayan imagined and dreamt of his future.

“I want to sell our sheep and goats, then buy cows.” Iteung gave her opinion.

“Wow, if we have cows, we’ll drink milk every day, do you know the price of one cow?”

“I guess, it will be very expensive. Kabayan, I wanted to sell my cows, and buy Honda civic as our uncle’s car.”

Kabayan and Iteung were talking along their way to the market. It was not far from their house. Kabayan is eleven years old boy. He has a tall body and curly hair while his sister Iteung a nine years old girl has a dark skin, so the people call his sister as Iteung (black girl). But, she is sweet girl. They have same dream to be rich people, because their parents aren’t the wealthy people.

“You said, that you want to buy Civic, correct? I think it’s better for you to buy house first. Where will you park your car, if you don’t have house?” Kabayan cut Iteung’s dream.
Iteung didn’t agree with her brother, “I’ll live in your house.”

“It’s forbidden! You must buy house by yourself! I don’t want to live there with you!” Kabayan rejected his sister’s idea to live with him.

“You are stingy, Kabayan! Remember , that egg is mine, give it to me?”

“No way! It’s mine now.” Kabayan ran fast avoid his sister. He decided to go to the market by himself and left Iteung alone. He remembered that he should buy food soon.

“Wait! Kabayan, give the egg to me. That’s mine! I’ll keep by myself!” She tried to catch her brother and take the egg from her brother. But, Kabayan didn’t stop his run, he entered to the market, he ran too fast, he didn’t see around well, he was stubbed and felt. The egg was broken.

Iteung saw that her egg was broken, she was really mad at Kabayan, “You’re careless, Kabayan. You have broken my egg, you have broken my dream to buy civic. You’re stupid! I’ll tell it to Mommy!”


“What’s egg, dear?” their Mom asked them about egg.
Iteung told about that to her Mom completely. Her Mom heard the story well and smiled at her kids.

“Did you take the broken egg?”

“I kept it a little, Kabayan had broken it, Mom?” Iteung explained angrily.

Their Mommy took the egg and smelled it, “O dear, it has bad smell. I think, that egg was putridity. That was why the people threw it.”

Kabayan and Iteung were very shy to hear that the egg wasn’t good. They felt that they have to forget their dream to be rich people for a while. 😀

12 thoughts on “May 8 – Fairy Tale Redux”

    1. Thank you my dear friend! 🙂 The original story was like this. Kabayan had dream about his future when he found the bad egg. From egg— hens— he’ll buy goats and sheep— then sell them— buy horse. His father in law asked him to take coconut from its tree. He dreamt that he had strong horse, he felt that he ride the horse, in fact he was on coconut tree, he careless, he fell, and his father in law was upset at him and threw the egg. LOL

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    1. 😅 thanks a lots, sister! I do struggle to improve my English, sometimes I think that I’m like a child who learn how to talk, how to read and how to write, lol! Insha’Allah sis, mine will be improved. My chance will come soon! Insha’Allah

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  1. Thank you so much for this. I learn a lot about new cultures by reading their fairytales. So far, have been weaned on European culture. This was much welcome. Any more reductions in future? Be blessed, x

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    1. It was my pleasure to write this story! And I’m glad that you loved to learn another cultures, that’s awesome! It was a prompt from “a story a day in May,” so I dunno about the topic in future. Thank you for your nice comment, sister! 😊

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