Day Thirteen: Serially Found

On day four, you wrote a post about losing something. Today’s Prompt: write about finding something.

Today’s twist: if you wrote day four’s post as the first in a series, use this one as the second installment — loosely defined.

When I read the prompt in my mailbox, I was so confused. Why? I have to combine my first story about serially lost and now part 2 about serially found. I made a little mistake in part 1, I didn’t complete my lost story. I thought all of parts were about serially lost. And my guess was wrong. It was really a challenge!  🙂

Here is the part 1: Serially Lost.

Part 2:

In the morning we took him to hospital for getting treatment. He got it for a week. But, his health wasn’t better, it was worse and worst. We took him to the hospital for the second time. He lied in a coma for 16 hours. On August 9, 2014, he returned to his creator, Allah Subhanahu Wa ta’ala. It was the first time we lost a member of family. We were very sad. We knew it was a test for us, and it was the best for him. Allah loved him. Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return.

I played slide of my life. I recalled the memories when I lived with my dad. I did remember all parts of this slide, especially in Ramadhan 1435 H. It was his last Ramadhan. I found some peculiarities of him. One day, he complained about his fasting. He felt weak. And he broke his fasting in that day. During that Ramadhan he broke fast for 8 days. Alhamdulillah, we had paid his fast.

The other things, I found that he avoided his books and his writing activity. When he was alive, he usually becomes Imam (a leader of prayer) in our Masjid (mosque) and imam for Friday’s prayer. I saw the sign from his eyes. There wasn’t hope anymore like a candle that has lost its fire.  When I asked him, he answered shortly. I often see him is crying. It was really strange. I had never seen him like that before. I knew he was a brave and a strong man. But, in the end of his life, I found the weakness of his physic.

We love you Dad!


In the day of his death, the people came to his burial, prayed for him. Masha’Allah! They accompanied and consoled us. They helped us with their wealth, powers and prayers!

Our imam (a leader of Islam community) advised us. Indeed, the people and I got a great message from him. He said, “Today, our good brother returned to Allah. Do we get a lesson from it? He has not chance to worship to Allah, his life has ended. He is starting his new life. He needs a lot of prayers from us, from his family and his friends. All of us will be like him, return to Allah, but we don’t know the times of our death. What should we do now? Right now, we must help our brother with our prayers, and then we have to continue to worship Allah alone, and do many good deeds to face our eternal lives. Our prophet has said that death is the best lesson for us. Let’s pray together!”

I found golden precept, loves, cares, helps in that sad moment. I didn’t find money or gold on the path, but I found many valuable things.

To be continued….

I don’t know the topic for part 3.  😀

7 thoughts on “Day Thirteen: Serially Found”

    1. Ameen summa ameen! Thank you very much, Sis for your kind word and du’a. I wrote it just to complete my writing challenge, truthfully I had to write about my loss in the day four, I was wrong.

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  1. Oh.. such a heartfelt story. You are so strong to have shared it. May Allah forgive your dad’s sins and reward him with jannah. Ameen

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