Day Eight: Death to Adverbs

Today’s Prompt: Go to a local café, park, or public place and write a piece inspired by something you see. Get detailed: leave no nuance behind.

Thoughtful writers create meaning by choosing precise words to create vivid pictures in the reader’s mind. As you strive to create strong imagery, show your readers what’s going on; avoid telling them.


Today’s twist: write an adverb-free post. If you’d rather not write a new post, revisit and edit a previous one: excise your adverbs and replace them with strong, precise verbs.

The sin of telling often begins with adverbs*. Author Stephen King says that, for writers, the road to hell is paved with adverbs:

It was hard challenge! And it made me stress!    😀

I wrote then deleted, wrote again…..deleted again, wrote……….deleted!

I was thinking a lot about it. I’d love to hear your opinion.


This market was not big, but had modern style. All its walls were made from glass. I looked around. Its parking was wide and clean. The owner of that market used the high security to save his market. I saw two CCTV were put outside.

Then I entered and looked inside. It was selling many products and was offering various services. The products were placed on the racks. I admired the design of this market.

The customers were buying some products. Suddenly, I saw a boy entered the market and hurried a long.

He sees to the tellers and consumers. I can hide from him. Now, I feel something bad. I don’t know. I observe that boy. He takes a basket and tries to choose the products. I take a deep breath and say, Alhamdulillah. My guess was wrong. I continue to choose products base on my shopping list.

When I will pay to the teller, I can’t find my wallet. Oh, where is it? I remember him, a boy whom I observed just now, he left the market and I see with my eyes that he takes my wallet. 

Many thanks to Naturelover who had given her feedback.

11 thoughts on “Day Eight: Death to Adverbs”

    1. I’ll read yours, I need to learn a lot about this assignment. I’m still confused. English is still barrier for me. So, I have to face two challenges, English n writing 101. Thanks a lot for your support!

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