Nuptial Night*

Now, I’ll reblog the interesting post from my other great sister Papatia Feauxzar. She is a great novelist and a founder of djarabi kitabs. If you want to know about her novels or short stories please visit her awesome blog. This post is one of my favorite post! Happy reading! 🙂

Between Sisters, SVP!

The bride and groom should not neglect the following:

When He made the marriage act between Hadrat Fatima and Hadrat Ali, our beloved Prophet stated that:

(O Ali! When you take your bride to your house, remove her socks from her feet. Wash her feet. Scatter that water to all corners of the house. By doing this, Allah-u teâlâ will remove 70 kinds of poverty from your house, incorporate 70 kinds of “barakah” (prosperity) to your house, and descend 70 “rahmat” (blessings) to you. Together with the bride and her favors, they will reach all corners of the house. Thus, the bride will be secured from insanity and other types of illnesses.) (Manaqib)


Assalamu aleikum readers,

La nuit de noce or the wedding night is a very important night for a Muslim couple. It sets the stone or tone for the many nights, days, weeks, months, and years to come for the future…

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