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Writing 101, Day Five : Be Brief

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We just moved to other town and bought an old house. We were cleaning it, suddenly my son was running to me.
“Mom! Mom! Look at! I find it in old cupboard at our kitchen!”
“What’s that?”
My son gave me an old envelope. I opened it and read a letter inside it.

I’m not a killer. I do know about that murder. I’ve buried all the evidences at yard, behind this house. I’m ready to be a witness!

“Oh My God!”




I'm a teacher in Islamic Elementary School. Hand lettering is my new hobby, but I like it so much. Here, I wanna master it n all the genre of my writing.

14 thoughts on “Writing 101, Day Five : Be Brief

    1. 100% Fiction! 😀 That was true we moved to other village,, not to town! We didn’t buy an old house, but we’re building a new house! Not to worry about that! 😉 thanks for reading n commenting!


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