Day Three: Commit to a Writing Practice

Today’s Prompt: Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?
Nailing Brahms’ Hungarian Dance Number 5 on your alto sax. Making perfect pulled pork tacos. Drawing what you see. Or, writing a novel. Each requires that you make practice a habit.
Today, try free writing. To begin, empty your mind onto the page. Don’t censor yourself; don’t think. Just let go. Let the emotions or memories connected to your three songs carry you.

Today’s twist: You’ll commit to a writing practice. The frequency and the amount of time you choose to spend today — and moving forward — are up to you, but we recommend a minimum of fifteen uninterrupted minutes per day.
The basic unit of writing practice is the timed exercise.
– Natalie Goldberg

I really love with “Today’s Prompt and it’s Twist.” I love to write about songs. Well, my favorite music is Islamic Nasheed. “Nasheed” is Arabic word, it means “Song.” I’m a Nasheed lover. I usually listen it while working with my PC. I’m writing this challenge and listening my favorite nasheed now.
Okay, now I’ll write the tree most important songs in my life:

1. Allahu (Heart Touching, The Merciful Servant)

I love this nasheed. It’s really beautiful! Indeed! This song was written in 8 languages, simply amazing. I, myself only know English and Arabic, just a little.
It tells about Our Creator, Allah who has created this universe beautifully. He has given us mercies and blessing. We are asked to worship Him alone. This song (nasheed) has beautiful message for Muslims. We should pray to Allah, to get His guidance. It’s heart touching! Please watched it, I added it here!

2. Rasulullah (Love our Prophet Muhammad PBUH)

This is the other beautiful song! It tells about Allah, His messenger and Islam. It has a similar message with the first song. It also mentions how to pray Allah, to love Rasulullah and to live base on Islam precept. Islam has beautiful view about human. There is no Racism in Islam. There is no difference between black, white and other colors. All of them are same. Allah doesn’t see our color skin, our status, our wealth, but Allah only sees our Taqwa (our good deeds). Only that!
Do you want to know this song? Please watch it here!

3. Your Happiness is My Happiness  (Arabic Nasheed)

It tells about the definition of “Happiness.” By listening and watching this song, for me I got many advantages. I can learn Arabic and English, and remember about Islam precept. Many people feel sad and face the hardship in their lives, but they don’t know how to face it. Islam has told about the solution. Just pray to Allah a lot. Ask His guidance. Happiness and sadness are the tests for us. There are many verses in Qur’an those explain about happiness. What is the true happiness? What is the true sadness?

I’d love to say, “your happiness is my happiness.”

Enjoy the nasheed!

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