Writing Is Writing, Just Keep Writing

Hello WordPress!
Assalamu’alaikum my dear friends!
I hope you are always fine!

It has been 6 days, I haven’t posted anything here. There are some reasons for that. 😀
My family and I just moved to other village, not to town. We love to live at village, ha..ha. In new place, the signal for my phone card wasn’t good. It was a problem for me, because I usually connect to internet using phone via wifi. Last time, I used modem. I had to change some devices to get good connection.

I missed you my friends! I missed blogging! Truly!
Alhamdulillah, this time I have enough time to post something although just say HELLO WORDPRESS!
Really, in few past days I got some ideas, but I was so hard to convert my ideas become posts. 😉


My favorite writing quote!


So, I only put my ideas in my brain. To be honest, I was impatient to post, to visit and read other blogs as usual. Oh My….! I thought, I had to force myself to find the time for blogging, anyhow just one hour a day.
When I got a little hard in my writing activity, I usually remember this motto,

“Writing is Writing, Just Keep Writing.”

I should keep it well!
Alright my friends! I’ll visit your blogs soon, please open the door! 😉
I’ll catch you! 😀

10 thoughts on “Writing Is Writing, Just Keep Writing”

    1. Thank you my dearest sister! Insha’Allah, this new village will gives many…many ideas for my writing activity! The people are very kind, n the air is still fresh. Alhamdulillah for everything! We’ll start our new lives! 😊

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