Five Photos – Five Stories Day 5

ألسلام  عليكم  ورحمة  الله  وبركاته

Azzam thinks about his study.

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“Are you sure you’ll stop your study here, Azzam?” asked Syaih Nashir to his old student. Syaikh Nashir is one of great lecturer in Al-Azhar University.
“Yes, Syaikh! I feel I can’t continue my study in this university. I’m too idiot! I always fail in my exams. I have to study over again. I’m shy, Syaikh!” answered Azzam sadly.
“I think it’d be better if you try for a year, maybe!” said Syaikh giving his idea.
“I’m not sure, Syaikh!” Azzam had doubt with himself.
Limadza yaa Tholibi Al ‘azizi?”
Ana…Ana minal jahiliin, ya Syaikh. Ana la afham dirosati huna. Saarji’u ila biladi godan insha’Allah.” Azzam felt hopeless.
“Don’t be sad! Allah with you, Azzam! Please think again about it. ” said Syaikh Nashir peacefully.
Jazakallah khoir, Syaikh.”


Azzam was seeing the beautiful scene of Cairo from his apartment when he received message from his mother.

Assalamu’alaikum Azzam. How have you been? What about your study? Please tell us about your study there! Umi, Abi and your younger sister Aisha missed you a lot. We always pray for you. A lot of loves and prayers for you. May Allah make your learning easy!

The message has touched his heart. He thought for several minutes before he answered.
Wa’alaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, ya Umi. Alhamdulillah Azzam is well and also my study. I’ll do the best for my study. Insha’Allah this year I’ll finish it. Jazakumullah khoir for your duas and everything Umi. Allah blesses you! Azzam missed you all! Umi, Abi and Aisha in my prayers!
After reading his mother’s message, Azzam felt that he got new life spirit. A great spirit. He suddenly remembered the great word MAN JADDA WA JADA. He got this wonderful word from his Islamic Boarding School. It’s short word but meaningful. His teacher explained, we can do anything if we think we can, then follows by great duas and the last we should give all result to Allah alone.


Azzam told his decision to Syaikh Nashir happily.
Subhanallah, you are doing great, Azzam!” Syaikh Nashir praised his student.
“I get great spirit from my family in Indonesia. I’d be shy if I go home with my failure. I have to study hard to finish my lesson here,” said Azzam perfently.
“Allah! Allah! I admire your spirit, Azzam. I trust you completely, YOU CAN! Allah will help you! Let’s begin  our class!”
Azzam followed Syaikh Nashir to his Arabic class enthusiastically.


Thanks to naturelover who has selected me to participate in this “Five Days Challenge”. I’m supposed to post a picture and write a story for five days. It can be a fiction or non fiction, and not to worry there is no special rule for the length of your story.
Today, I’d love to  select Sister muslimah to follow this challenge. You have a choice for accepting or not. But, I hope you’ll accept it. 😀

This is my last day in Writing challenge “Five Photos – Five Stories.”

Thank you for visiting and reading my simple stories. I’m sorry for some grammar errors. 😉


Limadza yaa Tholibi Al ‘azizi : Why, O my great student?

Ana…Ana minal jahiliin, ya Syaikh. Ana la afham dirosati huna. Saarji’u ila biladi godan :

I….I’m a stupid person, Sir. I don’t understand my lessons here. I’ll go home to my country tomorrow. 

12 thoughts on “Five Photos – Five Stories Day 5”

    1. Thank you my dear sister! I love write everything,😃 Last time, I wrote short stories in Indonesian. When I wrote short stories in English, it wasn’t easy, I’ve to learn how to write the dialogues, I’ve to learn more the tenses too. Those are the challenges for me in writing short story.
      Thank you so much for the invitation in this challenge, Sis. You have supported me well. 😊💗

      Liked by 1 person

          1. 🙂
            Do you read English books? Reading will help you a lot.
            What is your method of improving your English grammar?
            I have some suggestions. Google will help you a lot. Apart from grammar books you can join some English grammar forums on internet.
            Indeed, writing in English becomes tough when it is not your first language. I have always told that in order to write in English one should think in English. I’m also a learner. I hope some of my suggestions will help you in writing better.

            Best Regards!

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            1. Wonderful suggestion Sister! Thank you very much. I don’t read English books. I read articles on blogs, practicing my speech with my American friends, reading grammar book. I also got Tenses file from my American sister, she is an English professor. I know I’ve to read a lot, think n write in English. Please don’t feel hesitate to correct if you find something wrong in my posts. You are a learner, but you can practice it easily. I don’t have friends at home to practice my English, sis!

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              1. Don’t you worry. I’ll be there to help you. Mean while, start reading English books. Your Friend who is an English professor can guide you in this regard. Ask her to suggest you some English books for beginners. Gradually you’ll move to more advanced books.
                Have you heard about Reader’s Digest? I guess it would be there in Indonesia. Start reading it.
                Do you enjoy watching movies? Watching good English movies will also help you in learning new words.
                It will take some time but your passion will make it easy for you:)

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                1. I’ll do , insha’Allah! Jazakillah khoir for your help, dear sis! No, I haven’t heard about Reader’s Digest. Not, so much, but I sometimes watching English nasheed n a few English movies. I’ve to make special schedule for it. I think I’ll download some English articles for practicing my reading. Thanks again! 🙂

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