Five Photos – Five Stories Day 3

Assalamu’alaikum !

My Google Story
My Google Story

This is only a story! It’s totally my expression, just for FUN! 🙂

I’m a girl, 15 years old from Indonesia. I live in technological era. I can search anything easily, just googling. Google is like my smart Grandpa. 😀
I am a student of Islamic Senior High School. Almost everyday, I get many tasks from my teachers. They always ask me to search in internet and attach the links. They also ask me to search the information from books. But, not everything I can find on books. I need many references.
In my opinion, using Google is faster to find data. I just write the keywords, push the enter button, and then Google will show me a lot of data in a few seconds. Of course I have to choose valid and accurate data from the trust websites. The trust websites are the important thing, because everything is doing by online. I had ever bought something by online. I could do it after researched the website well. I use Polisionline. I can search many things here.
For example, before I installed Qur’an application in my phone, I usually search the verses and its meaning in Noble Qur’an website. I used Sahih International meaning. After installed permanently in my phone, I can read and search the surah and its meaning easily.
The other example, when I need the tutorial of blogging and graphic design, I searched on Google too, with the specific keywords. I downloaded the pdf files and saved in my PC. The files are free, easy and fun in learning blogging and design. In a fact, I also bought some books about blogging, graphic design, English grammar and working online. When I saw the references inside the books, I read many links and the writers took the links also from GOOGLE. 😀 That’s why I call Google as my SMART GRANDPA.  😀
The other interesting facts, I found my online friend from WordPress, her name is Eva Fatmawaty. She is from Philipines. 😉 I tried to connect her over email and other social media. I found her pics and her google+ . Yes, she is a real person. I believe in her, she is a muslimah because she wears hijab. I love her! (Eva loves me too!) We’re friend and sisters now, Alhamdulillah.
For me, Google is important, but of course not everything we can search in it. Gadget, tablet, and any social media are only tools. We can use them effectively without wasting our times. Just make schedule, when we’ll do for blogging, for school and for other jobs. Yes, I’m still young, but my Mom always advises me, they’re only TOOLS, we’re users, we have brain and we can think to find something good for our lives. Correct? If not correct, correct me please! I’m still a student. I don’t have much knowledge about the technology and how to use it well. But, I’ll do the best for my life.
That’s all, I can tell you about Google. Oh yes, I forgot to say, my name is Googoo bint Glegle bin Google. I can’t leave my smart Grandpa!

Please don’t think seriously, keep smile!
Stay happy and always blessed!

Thanks to naturelover who has selected me to participate in this “Five Days Challenge”. I’m supposed to post a picture and write a story for five days. It can be a fiction or non fiction, and not to worry there is no special rule for the length of your story.
Today, I’d love to select Theindianrevertedmuslimah to follow this challenge. You have a choice for accepting or not. But, I hope you’ll accept it. 😀
Believe me! You’ll get FUN! 😉   Insha’Allah!


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6 thoughts on “Five Photos – Five Stories Day 3”

    1. Masha’Allah my dearest! 💗
      I’m very happy now! 😘
      Your beautiful words n duas have warmed my heart. Millions thanks to you, my dearest!
      Barakallahu fiiki!

      I 💗 U, soooo much!

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