Love in 10 sentences

Assalamu’alaikum everyone!

May Allah bless you all! Ameen!

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I’m so glad for being chosen by themissiontomars to share my thoughts on “Love” with an axiom of using four words in each sentence and each sentence to include the word- “love”. 

Well, here are my thoughts on “Love” :

Love’s  Allah’s   mercy

Love’s  a  great   blessing

Love’s   strength  to  pray

Love’s   strength  to  love

Love’s   power  to   live

Love’s   key  of   friendship

Love’s  a  kind  of   responsibility

Love’s   oasis  in  desert

Love’s   life  spirit

Love’s  wonderful  sense

My favorite quote on love is “remind me of Allah if your love for me is indeed true.”   ❤

Now, I’ll nominate the following bloggers to spread “love”. The task is to write in ten sentences about what is love and each should be composed of four words. Then please add with your favorite love quote.

  1. Sister Corbin
  2. Sister Papatia Feauxzar
  3. Sister Sumaira Zaheer
  4. Sister Saadia Haq
  5. Sister Saxhida
  6. Sister naturelover
  7. Sister Fateema Abdullah
  8. Sister Dianagitau
  9. Madam Sandie
  10. Sister Muslimah

I’d love to read your thoughts on “love.”   ❤

25 thoughts on “Love in 10 sentences”

  1. Waaah!! Eva its beautiful, who perfectly used the prompt and built out this amazing “loveliness”. Thanks for sharing your love-felt” words and your beautiful thoughts on love..
    Insha-Allah!! Love is Allah’s mercy on us ❤
    Love and hugs ❤

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  2. Love: Necessity of Faith
    by remembrance of Allah
    A smile is charity
    Mercy endures and sustains.
    “If a man loves
    his brother, he should
    tell him that he
    loves him” Muhammad said
    And I love you
    for Allah’s sake, Fatmawaty

    Favorite qoute about love is by Yasmin Mogahed:
    “Allah is Al-Wadud (The Source of Love). Therefore, love comes from God—not people. As one author, Charles F. Haanel, put it: ‘To acquire love… fill yourself up with it until you become a magnet.’ When you fill yourself with the Source of love (Al-Wadud), you become a magnet for love’ ”.

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  3. Lovely, sweet thoughts. Here’s my response.

    God is all love.
    Love is always patient.
    Love is exceedingly kind.
    Love seeks others’ best.
    Love believes in others.
    Love is not jealous.
    Love is not boastful.
    Love sees the best.
    Love never fails us.
    God loves us all.

    Favorite quote: First John 4:10
    This is love–not that we love God, but that He loves us!

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