Five Photos-Five stories Day 2

ألسلام  عليكم  ورحمة   الله  وبركاته


The Adventure in Cave
The Adventure in Cave

Cave is one of amazing Allah’s creations in this world. Jomblang  is the name of this cave. A famous cave in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Three young men see cave ahead. They feel amazed.

“Masha’Allah! It’s wonderful!”  They praise Allah alone.

“Okay Guys! Before we enter this cave, we should pray to Allah first. Don’t forget we have to check our equipments!” Adam says to his friends.

“Everything is okay! We’re ready to go!” Abdullah informs others. He’s taking his rope and prepares himself to go down the cave. “I go first, friends! I’ll wait you there! Take care yourselves! It isn’t easy, I think!”

“You can, Abdullah!” his friends support him. They’re preparing themselves to follow Abdullah. Indeed, they have no much time to take the pictures inside this cave. They have a duty from their faculty to research caves in Indonesia.

“Come on Guys, you must see this wonderful scene!” Abdullah has arrived. He waits them patiently. He sees Adam and Umar over there. They are trying to go down.

“We’re lucky, friend! We can take our journey here!”  Umar says gladly.

“Let’s go, guys! Our journey begins!” Adam invites his friends to start their journey soon.

They walk carefully, because it’s their first adventure. They have to take the picture of the cave and write down then present their adventure. But, they don’t know what will happen there. The mystery of natural is waiting them.  😉


Thanks to naturelover who has selected me to participate in this “Five Days Challenge”.  I’m supposed to post a picture and write a story for five days. It can be a fiction or non fiction, and not to worry there is no special rule for the length of your story.

Today, I’d love to select randombytes to follow this challenge. You have a choice for accepting or not. But, I hope you’ll accept it. 😀

Believe me!  You’ll get FUN!  😉


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