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Words are all I have… <3

A wonderful gift from my lovely sister!
Thank you so much, Dear! ๐Ÿ’—


This composition is a reflection of my gratitude for all the bright shining gems who have adorned my space and have made my mission wonderful. Though the list is endless, for every โ€œbrickโ€ counts while building a โ€œhomeโ€ but to name a few SB, Jane, Trablogger, Eva, Reva, Ben, DeanneandMellisa. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope my heart can be heard off these lines.

Love you all and thanks to everyone for being a part of me, a part of this โ€œfamilyโ€œ

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A day would come

A day would go.

I trust you though,

You donโ€™t even know!

Each smile fades away past,

Each smile can fill up the gap.

Friendship is a warm compassion,

Inimitable as a motherโ€™s lap.

A memory can live longer than the life,

A memory wonโ€™t ever leave you soledad.

Wherever you will be tomorrow,

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I'm a teacher in Islamic Elementary School. Hand lettering is my new hobby, but I like it so much. Here, I wanna master it n all the genre of my writing.

Please share your minds with me! Thank you!

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