Five Photos-Five stories Day 1

ألسلام  عليكم  ورحمة  الله  وبركاته

Muslim Children Photo credit:
Muslim Children

We are Muslim children. Alhamdulillah, we had finished reading Iqra’ and Qur’an in our early age. Our parents and our teachers were so proud of us. Allah has helped us in this way.

Twenty or thirty years later, we will continue to build this ummah. Ummah Muhammad, khoiru ummah in this world and hereafter. We ask to all of you, all parents, teachers, governments and all Muslims, please keep us well. Give us the best teaching and educating! Save us from any violence! Please improve our skills and talents! Make us as the best Muslim generation!


My thank you to naturelover  for nominating me to this special Five Photos Five Stories challenge. I am supposed to post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story, either fiction or non-fiction, or a short paragraph, to the photo each day. Next I’ve to select one person (each day), to carry on this challenge. Accepting the challenge is entirely up to the person nominated, and is not command.

I’d like to select themissiontomars  to come and join me in this challenge.

This post is my first day in this challenge. Insha’Allah, I’ll post the others for the next days!

I hope you’ll accept it. Trust me, it’s FUN! 🙂

Photo credit:

MDA Al Washliyah

27 thoughts on “Five Photos-Five stories Day 1”

    1. Thanks so much! it has been taken of one school, Al Washliyah Islamic Elementary School in Celebrating of Khotmul Iqra’ n Qur’an. All Islamic Elementary Schools have this program. Alhamdulillah! 🙂 I’m sure in Pakistan too, there is special program of Qur’an in Elementary school! 🙂


  1. Thanks my dear Eva for selecting me on this challenge. Am so happy and i feel wonderful. But please guide me about writing the story. The image you’ve added above, am i supposed to create a story on it. Am looking forward to hear, so i can accomplish my commitment today ❤
    Love and hugs 🙂

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    1. My dearest! In this challenge, you can choose picture from internet about everything. There is no special topic. The main point you take a pic then write a story of it. One photos one story for 5 days.
      After that, thank to the person who has challenged you, then you are supposed to select one of your friends to follow this challenge. Just that’s all. There is no rule for length of your writing. Let me know, if you have questions! 😊 Peace n luv, always! 💗

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        1. You’re smart! 😊
          No need sorry, my sister!
          I am so happy that you accept my invitation!
          And thank you also for nominating me ! 😉
          I have read your beautiful sentences of love.
          Warm regard n luv! 😍

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            1. O, you are a great poet! Now, don’t say anything, I ask your little time, please imagine that I’m in front of, smiling at you!
              What will you do after that? 😉 Hope we can meet in reality! 😊😍

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                1. Don’t worry, I’m an understanding person! I understand, maybe sometimes we can’t reply the messages for some reasons, but I always try to respond as well. Thank for sending me the link. I have read yours, dear! 🙂 Stay happy my lovely sis! ❤ ❤

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                  1. Here my Teddy, there are little grammatical mistakes, as you have given me a right, i feel its my duty to tell you-
                    1. First, people is a plural word, it can’t be used for a single person, there it should be “person”
                    2. I also try to “respond” not response.
                    Love you and keep improving ❤
                    Hugs to you my sweet Eva

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                    1. Wow,,, thank you so much dearest! Yeah sometimes I feel confused with those sentences! Poor! Please correct if you find the other mistakes in my posts, OK my dear! I love you!

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