My Village Story

ألسلام  عليكم  ورحمة  الله  وبركاته


I am a villager!!! 😀
For the second time, my lovely sister, Sis naturelover suggested me to post special topic, it’s about my village. Firstly, she gave me idea to post about Indonesian stories. Thank you so much, Sister for your awesome ideas! I loved it! ❤
Just short story! I couldn’t go around to all parts of my village. It’s too large. LOL! So, here I only took a few pics of my village.
Here, I present to you!

Location of my village:
I live at Lembur Sawah village, subdistrict of Cicantayan, Sukabumi regency in West Java Province. You can’t point this village on the globe, he..he.

My village map
My village map

Living at village is very nice. The air is still fresh. My village is surrounded by mountain, ricefields, rivers, and bamboo trees. Really, I love living at it. Many natural place for children to play. Do you still remember of The Song of Nature?
Now, I’ll tell you the activities of villagers.
Life begins on 04:00 am because fajr time is 04:42 am. Some of people have begun their activities on the middle night or in predawn. Most of them are green-grocery and and merchantmen. They usually go to traditional market to sell their marketable goods.
Besides farmer and seller, the people at my village have the other jobs, like government worker, worker at factory, entrepreneur, house wife, car driver and so on.

Islamic Nasheed Performance
Islamic Nasheed Performance

Today, my village has many facilities. But, please don’t compare to villages in developed countries, it’ll be different.

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• Masjid.
The people built many masjids here. We have no other religious place except masjid.
• Schools.
• Country office.
• Clinics.
• Factories.
• Markets and mini markets.
• Internet cafes.
• Railway station.
• Municipal waterwork.
• Ambulance.
My family had ever gotten the benefit of this ambulance. The people took my dad to hospital and bring him to his rest place. The worked hard and quickly. I’m so proud of them. They care to their people. Alhamdulillah!
• Car wash, and so on.

Actually there are many facilities those I can’t post here all. That’s I can tell you about my village.
Please come to my village, I’ll accompany you to walk around. 😀

See ya!

Thank you for your kind attention! ❤


18 thoughts on “My Village Story”

  1. Masha’Allah! My daughter and I enjoyed reading this post togther! Thank you so much for showing your home sis; viewing these images reminded me of the villages of Pakistan where my family is from 🙂 Thanks again xo

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    1. Really, Sis? Wow, that’s beautiful, you can read my simple post with your daughter. I really appreciate it! I’d love to hear more about your first home (Pakistan). ❤ Please kiss your daughter for me, Sis! And please say, "I love her so much!" ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Will do sis ❤ She is an advanced reader Alhumdulillah, and LOVES reading and learning masha'Allah! I thought this was a great read for her, for she loves studiying about different countries and cultures masha'Allah. She also enjoyed looking at your images, as did I ❤ Whenever I go back to Pakistan, I shall try to take many pictures for you all insha'Allah 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Masha’Allah, that’s really great. you’re a great mom for her, sis. I’m shy if she found many grammar errors here, lol! I’m so proud of her! My son can’t read fluent yet, he loves drawing a lot, ha..ha. It’d be great if you can show me the pics of your homeland, Sis! I have many friends from Pakistan too. Some of them have sent me the pics of their family and their homes. Thank you so much before! ❤

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  2. Ohh I’m so glad you made this category about “indonesian stories”. I love learning about your culture.
    Alhamdoulillah your village seems so nice and peacefull. You don’t need more than what you have.
    Here in Paris, people have so lang things they become individualists, anti-social and they are depressed! Living in a village hAs a lot of advantages! I specially would like to live in a place like your village Because it wakes up at Fajr! It must be amazing.
    May Allah bless you sister

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    1. And I’m really glad you read it. Thank you very much for your interest to learn my culture. In a facts, Indonesia has many cultures, Sis. Do you believe in me, here there’re 600 languages living. I only know, Sunda language, Indonesian as my national language. I don’t know others. That’s right, Sis…. living at village is so nice. You’d try, it’d be great! May Allah bless you too, Ameen!
      Jazakillah khoir to your dua, my dear!

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