Flower and Beetle

Assalamu’alaikum my lovely friends!
Barakallahu fiikum!


I  have no good ideas for writing these days. It made me really bored. So, now I’ll let my fingers dance on the keyboard to flow out my words from my brain. Maybe through this way I’ll get ideas easily. Oh yes, I’ll try to write about “Flower and Beetle.”

Flower n beetle
Flower n beetle

A flower in the park looks sad and tired. She is waiting the beetle.
“O beetle! Why you left me here? When will you come to me bringing wonderful dreams for me? I’m keeping your words, you said you’ll come soon take me fly over to the blue sky. O, I’m waiting you here, my dear!”
Tears fall on her face. She remembers well, a few times ago, the beetle came to her. He was cheering her. He sang many beautiful songs for her. He seduced her to give all her nectar. She trusted him completely. She gave all her nectar. She really hopes the beetle will keep his promise.

After few days, a dove came to her, brought a bad news.
“O flower, my dear friend! I have sad news for you. I’m worried it will break your heart. What do you think about it? Should I tell it to you?”
A flower said sadly, “Tell me please! Is it about my honey the beetle?”
A dove thought a while then told her, “The beetle will never back to you. He always hunts,…hunts the other flowers. Do you know, he’s staying in the other park. I saw him by my eyes. He has betrayed his trust.”
“No, I can’t believe it! He will come! He will accompany me here! I’ll wait him!”
“I’m so sorry dear, I just telling you the truth. I’m here, tell me if you need any help from me!” said a dove wistfully.
A flower cried. “You know, I have given all my nectar, all my love to him. I was so stupid! Now, I don’t have anything to face my life. I will be wilt.”
“You have a softheart, dear. You can make your life better. You have a lot of loves in your heart. You can pass your hardship! Trust me, you’re so strong!” A dove advised her nicely.
“I can’t! I’m a flower. When I lost my nectar, my life ends. Now, I understand well, the beetle will never back to me. He will not invite me to fly to blue sky.”

A dove saw a flower fell from its stalk. Her life had ended.


A woman should keep her dignity as well.
A gentleman would never undermine the dignity of women.

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