The Song of Nature


Night robe has been removed
Morning is started
Birds sing funky
Wind hugs bamboos warmly
Collaborate to arrange a melody.

It is the song of nature
That I hear every morning
Brings a piece of peace into my soul
But, I am doubtful
Will I hear it in the next morning?

35 thoughts on “The Song of Nature”

    1. Jazakillah khoir, my sister for your nice comment! 😉 Oh, unfortunately I didn’t take a pic, I’m not good at photographs. I wish I could do that. When I came closer to the birds, they flew away, lol. But, indeed I live at village . Here, I see many bamboos n sparrows. I’ll send you some pics of part of my village, over email insha’Allah. 💗

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    1. Oh, thank you dear sister!😉 I know about you now. Sorry I don’t respond your reply yet, I usually use phone, sometimes I can reply easily but sometimes I can’t. I’ll reply yours when I use PC. Hey dear your words are nice too. I’ll visit n read your latest post soon. Insha’Allah. Glad to have you as friend here. 😊

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      1. Oh sweety 🙂 pleasures are all mine, am obliged enough as you visit my world whenever its possible, so i don’t see any reason for you to say sorry..Now you are a “family-member” at my blog 🙂 please feel free whenever to come, no worries..
        Sending you smiles and warm wishes 🙂

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