The Best Kind of Love



Loving Allah

Allah who created “Love.”

Loving Rasulullah

Rasulullah, The Messenger of Allah.

These loves are the best kind of “Love.”

Let’s love Allah!

Allah who has put “love” in our hearts.

Let’s   love Rasulullah!

Rasulullah   had loved his Ummah

“Ummati!  Ummati! Ummati!”

Loving Allah

Loving Rasulullah

Are the best kind of Love!



6 thoughts on “The Best Kind of Love”

    1. Ameen, absolutely sister! After loving Allah n His Messengers, we should love our parents, our family, our neighbors, our friends n all brothers & sisters in Islam. I love you for Allah’s sake.💗

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        1. You are too kind, dear sis!😊 Sure I’ll correct, but you don’t make a mistake 😃
          That is good you feel interest to learn other languages. I’m from Indonesia, I dunno about Urdu.😉 Where are you from my dear sis?

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