My Thankfulness, My Apologies & My Hopes

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Dear my lovely friends and fellow bloggers,

Firstly, I should be grateful to Allah The Almighty for all mercies and blessings those has given to me and my family. Alhamdulillah Allah still gives me the chance to live and make any changes in my life.

A quote of grateful Photo credit:
A quote of grateful
Photo credit:

Then, allow me to say it to you all. Many thanks to you;

  • For following, visiting, reading, commenting, and correcting my writing,
  • For the beautiful friendships,
  • For your great supports,
  • For re-blogging and sharing my plain posts,
  • And for your nice duas, (You’re really wonderful friends!)

I apologize;

  • For some grammar errors, (I’m very poor in it),
  • For being late visiting your blogs,
  • For my lack response to your comments,
  • For my bad words if these words have hurt your heart,
  • For my crazy ideas of my posts.

I hope;

  • We will be good friends here.
  • You will give the corrections for my poor posts,
  • You will give your opinion if you find something wrong on my post. I would love to receive the ideas from you.

Please feel free to share, to comment, to re-blog and to correct my posts.

The rightness comes from Allah only, and the wrongness comes from me, (Poor Allah’s servant).

May Allah always bless you! Ameen!

15 thoughts on “My Thankfulness, My Apologies & My Hopes”

  1. Assalamaun alaikum janam sis, i am grateful to have a friend like you .. & Excellent post, i surely enjoy this beautiful blog, keep posting….May Allah guide and assist you all for the work done in the name of Allah SWT . ❤

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    1. wa’alaikum salam, my dear sister! So am I, dear!
      Jazakillah khoir for your nice comment, it’s really beautiful comment. Insha’Allah I’ll keep my writing.
      Ameen Allahumma ameen. I pray the same for you, dear Sister. Thank you so much for your support!

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  2. Hey Sweetheart,this is such a lovely Post.I miss you so much.This is the beauty of Islam that we all truely love and respect each other,no matter were we came from or what the color our skin is. ❤ ❤ ❤ May Allah bless all of us and our Familys and inshaallah we will live in Al Firdaus together.

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    1. Salam my dear sister! Thank you very much for your nice compliment, Sis! That is right, Islam does not see our physics. A lots of loves for ya n your beautiful family! Insha’Allah we will meet in the right place n in the right time. Ameen!
      Ameen Allahumma Ameen, jazakillah khoir for your great dua, my sister! I miss you more! 💞

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  3. You are a sweet, kind, and interesting woman, and I am thankful to God for allowing us to connect! I GREATLY enjoy your poems, tours, thoughts, and the expressions of your emotions. Blessings to you and your family!

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    1. You are all heart, Sister! I’m grateful to be your friend, it’s really great mercy from God. Thank you very much for your nice compliment, it means a lots for me! 😊 Thank you for your prayer. God bless you too!
      Warm regard! 💗


    1. You are too kind, my sister! Ameen summa ameen. I’m thankful to have you as my sister in Islam. Indeed! You always pray n support me, masha’Allah. Jazakillah khoir my dearest, for everything! I pray for you too. Xoxoxo 💞

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