Discussion Of The Parts Of The Body

Assalamu’alaikum everyone!

Barakallahu fiikum jami’an, ameen!

“Oh, we are so bored and tired being feet.” Said Feet disappointed.

“Why Feet?” asked Mouth wondered.

“We are always at the bottom. We have to keep a balance of this body. We have to walk to the places as He likes. We are weary!”

“So, what do you want Feet?” Head asked for a wonder.

“Hey Head! Change the position!” answered Feet angrily.

“Ha…ha…ha, Feet, O Feet! You are so funny! Hey others part of this body, do you agree if I change Feet’s position?”

“No, I don’t agree at all. Come on Feet, your place at the bottom. You have been doing great! Without you, this man cannot go to any other places.” Hands explained kindly.

“You are very nice Hands! Thank you!”

“Feet! You are lucky become feet. Look at us. We are eyes. We see everything, nice and bad pictures. We have done many sins. We cannot count ours.  We are afraid about our sins. Allah will ask in the doomsday.”  Cried Eyes.

“What about me?” said Mouth seriously.  “I can speak nicely, I also can hurt others. I am ashamed being a Mouth. I do not know,  how often I hurt other people. Do you think Allah will not ask me, about my sins?”

“O ALLAH, I AM AFRAID TOWARD THE HEREAFTER.” Tongue cried blue murder.

“What’s up with you Tongue? I think you are so lucky! You can taste all food, can’t you?” Side smiled widely.

“You’re right! But, life is not only about food. He (our Master) has never recited his holy book and he has never prayed to His God. What should I say to Allah next? Can you help me? This man admits as Muslim but he does not follow Allah’s orders.

“Yes, you are right! He has never invited us to go to Masjid for pray. I hate him!” said Feet hatefully.

“Me too! I have never listen Qur’an or advices about his religion!” complained Ears.

“I have never touched that scripture!” said Hands with a sad expression.

“Do you know friends? I am the hurt one! I am Heart, but I feel so lonely here. I  need  advice . Look at me! Look my physical matter. It’s full of dusts. I cannot see Allah’s light. I will die easily without any advice. Please help me!”

“What should we do then?” asked Feet confused.

“I have no idea. I have no authority to change his life.”

“Maybe we can if we do together.” Mouth gave the idea. “We should unite!”

“Feet! Can you bring us to go to Masjid? This man has to connect to His God. Masjid is the right place for him.

“Oh, okay! I will try.” Feet tried to move. “He is very heavy! Come on guys, move together! Heart! Please give the motivation for other parts to move together!”

“I’m trying Feet! I want to go there. Wake up Eyes! Body, move now, help Feet!”

“Bismillahirrahmaanirrohim, Allah help us to close to you!” said Tongue and Mouth together.


I'm coming ya Rasool Allah. Photo credit: gambar24.blogspot.com
I’m coming ya Rasool Allah.
Photo credit: gambar24.blogspot.com

A man moves to Masjid slowly. He feels confused with himself.

“What’s going on with myself?”

“And do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge. Indeed, the hearing, the sight, and the heart-about all those (one) will be questioned.” [Al-Israa:36]

Al-Qiyamah :13-15.

“Man will be informed that Day of what he sent ahead and kept back. (13) Rather, man against himself, will be a witness. (14) Even if he presents his excuses. (15)

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