ISLAM’S LATEST TRIAL|Charlie Hedbo Attack & KillAllMuslims Hashtag

To the people who fear of Islam, please open your eyes widely, open your mind brightly and use your heart! Muslims are not terrorists. How could you will kill all Muslims? I’m a Muslima, my son is a Muslim too. We didn’t kill your people. A lots of Muslims love Peace, not terrors. They didn’t do the terror in France, n other places. Sure they will never do the terrors. Now, please think about your act, when you attacked the masjids! I think you did the terror too. Who are the real terrorists? Please see to Gaza. The TERRORISTS have been killing many Muslims in Palestine and also in other places. Who are the actors? So, don’t call Muslims as Terrorists!

The Human Lens

Hello fellow humans, Muslims and Non Muslims, once again we stand divided and divisive on world matters.

What happened yesterday in France is just so terrible, I seriously have no right words to express my horror, my sadness at this nightmare that left twelve people dead in the Charlie Hedbo attack, as a journalist I am greatly grieved and angered for the death ofย eight fellow journalists, followed by two police officers, a maintenance worker and a visitor.

In recent years, space for journalists seems to be shrinking for varied reasons and these attacks are a tip of the iceberg of what will follow.ย Now coming to the point, as I watched international news of the event unfold with headlines and bold boxes with Ces musulmans, questi pazzi terroristi musulmani, those terrorist Muslims etc and etc, I was again back into my numb state.

At work with some western colleagues I passedโ€ฆ

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17 thoughts on “ISLAM’S LATEST TRIAL|Charlie Hedbo Attack & KillAllMuslims Hashtag”

  1. I was so tempted the other day to write about this subject, then felt perhaps I might get into trouble. I know Muslims are not in any way violent, this is a misunderstanding on the part of many western people. I feel very sad about the killing, violence is never the answer. Though I won’t be a hypochrite, I was not too impressed by the cartoons of Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

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    1. I understand you, Brother! You are right, violence is never the answer. Killing the innocent people (Muslim or non-Muslim) is big crime. In my opinion, the people shouldn’t insult the religion of others. By writing, drawing, or anything. Thank you, Brother!

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      1. I agree Sister, I feel it’s so highly offensive that people are attacking Muslims and blaming them for everything yet do they really understand Islam ? All they have to go on is hearsay. I wish more would read the Qu’ran and see just how wonderful a way of life Islam is and how united we all stand Under one God. These people can argue all they want, but there is only one God and they either worship him fully or face the consequences. ๐Ÿ™‚

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        1. They don’t, maybe. May Allah guide them to know Islam well, such as 9/11. Many people converted to Islam in that time. Allahu Akbar!
          They plan, Allah plans. Indeed Allah is The best Planner! Thank you very much for your mind, Brother! Allah blesses you, ameen!

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    2. It is very interesting to see that my article has been taken so well, as a Muslim writer I face constant pressures and discrimination on speaking of sensitive issues.
      I also believe the terrorists has NO right to kill the French cartoonists for drawing what they did to shock and hurt, because violence is not the way at all.
      Thanks very much for the solidarity with us, I have done fresher articles that can be found at my site and also thanks to sister Eva for spreading my work for audiences.

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      1. No matter at all, my sister! I loved it. I have written in my other post, I’ll not sit in silence. Insha’Allah. That’s all I can do. I hope I can do more. I should be thankful to you, bc you have brought it up! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      2. Thank you, I agree with you. But keep writing and spreading awareness,because the more Muslims who show what a positive faith Islam is,the better the ignorant will understand. I will definitely visit your site.Assalamu Alaikum

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        1. Walaikum Asalam, thank you very much for your valuable reflections and solidarity. Its greatly appreciated and you might find it interesting. Thanks again.

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  2. This, along with all the other violence and murdering, is and has been a horrific tragedy for both Muslims and non-Muslims. Those that are using the Muslim faith to “make it okay” to kill Christians and other non-Muslims are only further staining the Muslim religion in the world’s eyes. Non-violent Muslims are having to carry the terrible burden these radicals are forcing upon them by their horrific violent actions. The Islam religion is about Love. There is no love in violence and hatred. Non-violent Muslims have also become victims to this radical thinking. It is my hope and prayer that the people of this world will learn to love each other and live together, even with our differences, together in blissful peace.

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    1. You are very true, Sis PJ! ๐Ÿ˜Š I like to say terrorist is terrorist. If the police can catch them, justify them (the actors) not by spreading hate to other religions. I completely agree with you, Sis, we should live together in peace n love. Mocking the religion of others is something bad act. I read from any resources, a few people in Paris attacked Masjids (Masques) after that terror.
      Ameen for your prayer n hope. I hope so, Sis. You are really nice person! ๐Ÿ’ Thank you very much for your beautiful minds!

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    2. Those who justify the terrorist attacks are basically accomplices and have committed treason against humanity, let alone religion.
      God’s message is peaceful, now how people twist it is another issue all together. Thanks a lot for liking my work and feel free to review other posts at my site on the issue.
      Thanks to sister Eva very much for helping to spread my writings with her audiences ๐Ÿ™‚

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