Focus!….. Focus! …..Focus!

Dear Admin of Ishlah,

What is your purpose in blogging?

You have ever said clearly, “for keeping your writing activity and improve your English” right?

Focus on your purpose!


So, you should hold it and focus on it!

Avoid these things!

  • Comparing your blog with the senior bloggers’ blogs.  If you do this, you will find that your blog is not good. But, learn from their awesome posts more and more. Learn about their writing styles and their ideas. Perhaps, someday you can do what they have done.
  • Choosing hard topics. Better for you to choose the simple topics that you have good knowledge on them. Just enjoying your blogging!
  • Forcing your readers to like your posts. Your readers have a choice about it.
  • Commenting on the posts that you do not really understand. Knowing your English level is better than you do something hard for you. Make your learning easy and enjoyable.

Once again, I advise you, FOCUS ON YOUR PURPOSE!

Wish you luck,


12 thoughts on “Focus!….. Focus! …..Focus!”

  1. MMh, nice advice to the ‘editor’!!!!!!! anyways, if you need any help let us know……but me thinks you are doing prety fine, it’s not easy for someone to go through your blog and think like ‘this blogger is still learning English’……not easy. keep it up!!

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  2. Senior or junior or having difficult in learning language never should stop from writing and exploring topics, you are intelligent and talented enough to go a long way for sure, inshAllah. Plus there are all we virtual sisters that will continue to try and be of help for you 🙂

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    1. Is that so, Sis? I think there are differences between them. If I read the posts of senior bloggers, they explore their ideas easily n nicely. Such as you, sis. Thank you for your willingness to help. BTW, let me know the resume of your latest post, please! 😉 Thank you!

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      1. Yes english is not my mother tongue, neither are regional dialects that I have sometimes to write or make news into, so I too have my difficulties but I try to overcome them through a lot of reading online and also the works of well established writers. Off course am here for you too 😉 and yes I have published the first part of the feature series and I know many people will be so upset at that!

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