The government has power.
The rich has wealth.
And the people who are abused have duas, that Allah will accept their duas directly.

الحق من الله، والأخطاء مني

11 thoughts on “POWER, WEALTH AND DUAS”

        1. You are so nice, Sister! Jazakillah khoir for your beautiful words 😊, I’m just a muslimah with blogging. I have to say, your blog is more wonderful, indeed. Yes, I’m very blessed to know you, Sister. If you don’t mind, may I know your Fb account? It is pleasure to follow n comment in you blog, we should support our sisters, it’s mean of Sisterhood. 💗

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          1. Thank you very much.The pleasure is all mine.I´m not on Facebook yet but i´m working on it.If i´m on Fb i will let you know instantly.Would be so much fun to talk to you on Fb.

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