السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Dear readers and fellow bloggers,

Firstly, I wanted to say , jazakillah khoiron katsiiron for your wonderful duas and spirit that you have given to me. Alhamdulillah I’m feeling better now, and I can write a new post this time.

Here, I’ll share about my ways in learning. As a learner, I use some ways in learning. Here we go!

My learning's ways
My learning’s ways

1. The Formal Ways:

The formal ways
The formal ways
  • I used address books or diary books for saving my resumes of my lessons. I used this way for specific lessons ; Hadits, Proverbs, Vocabularies, Nahwu, Tajwid and Shorof.
  • I typed my lessons from books, and made the summaries then save all these such as a dictate. I used it for Biology, Social, Chemistry, and some religion lessons.
  • I used it for special lessons such as ; Math, English lesson for Tenses, and Science’s formulas.

2. The Extreme ways:

The extreme ways
The extreme ways

I called these  ways as Extreme ways, because my ways were different from other, and some of my neighbors,  my relatives and my friends even my teacher called me as an unique student.

  • Learning on the tree. Indeed, I had ever done it. I wanted to laugh when I remembered it, how crazy I was! 🙂 I sat on the branch, and I hanged my bag on other branch. I put my books, some food and a bottle of water in my bag. I forced myself to follow my schedule that I made. 🙂  I sat there for about 2-3 hours, and I took my rest only 15 minutes each hour. My parents did not order me to do that. That was my crazy idea! I applied this way when I sat in the second and the last grade in Junior High School. I chose nutmeg tree.
  • Learning in toilet was an extreme way. I got this idea from my teacher. She was an unique teacher, and I loved her teaching style a lot. She gave that idea to us. Nobody believe in her mind. We asked , “How could we learn in toilet?” Our teacher explained, “Toilet is a nice place for learning. We can learn within quietly, but choose the time well. There are many toilets in our boarding. But, you must remember, don’t learn Qur’an, hadits, tafseer and the religion lessons. That is only for general lessons, such as proverbs, the formula of Tenses, Math, Science or biology.”  Indeed, I did this way , when I studied in Islamic Boarding School, the second year. I could memorize some lessons easily. I felt the amazing experience in learning. When I told my experience to my teacher, she laughed and said , “You’re an unique student!” 🙂

To be honest, this place sometimes can give me many ideas for writing 🙂

3. The Modern Ways.

The modern ways
The modern ways

I use these ways for my learning and my teaching activities. Because these ways are also available for my son. I’m sure the other people have used these earlier than me.

  • I use phone , gadget and some applications for my learning. Yeah, I am a learner, always. I use Qur’an MP3 for memorizing qur’an. I also downloaded Noble Qur’an app for reading, and searching verses and their meanings, and I downloaded a few Islamic applications. I use grammar, Tenses, Idioms, English dictionary and Google translate applications for my English learning. I teach my son using the modern ways, I have downloaded some applications for his studies, such as Iqra, Math, Hijaiyah, Tux Type, Tux Math, Sebran, Origami and so on. He feels enjoy his studying, Alhamdulillah.
  • I teach my son not only at home, sometimes I invite him to learn to a few places, around our home. We have ever learned beside the river, the rice field, and garden. We use universe as our materials in learning. He learns science by observing the sky, the clouds, the rains, mountains, and the others objects. He can ask me a lot and I can explain the lessons easily, because he sees the real objects, not only the pictures in books, or internet. As the believers, we should learn from the universe. Indeed in that a sign for a people who give thought.

    Kaka's activities
    Kaka’s activities
  • The last, using Analogical. Base on my experience, I could understand my lessons quickly by using this way. Then, I’m trying use this way for teaching my boy. I felt glad, that he offered this first, so I just help him in learning.

I have a few examples of it;

  • To remember a letter “A” , my son used some materials, such as; ice stick, matches, straws, and pencils to make “A.” He did it over and over, till he remembers well.
  • For a letter “I” , he just remember the objects those can stand like “I” , the materials can be a stick, a pencil, even his mom. 🙂  It helped him a lot in learning a letter “I”, “1” ,”ا”.
  • For a letter O, number 0, he just remember the circle objects; sun, ball, wheel, and coin.
  • 8, he remembers to two eggs that put like number 8. He called it “stack of eggs.”
  • A hoe for 7.
  • A fork for 3.
  • A chair for 4.
  • Lightning Mc Queen for 95.
  • Chick kick for 86.
  • King for 43.
  • Al-manar channel for 45 etc.

All of these came from his mind. I did not ask him to remember something, but I let him to remember something for letters and numbers. Then, I applied his idea, write down them here.

That’s all I can share to you this time. I hope it can give a benefit to others, hopefully. I got these ways base on my experience. Today, learning everything is easy, we can access and share the information faster. Masha’Allah.

والله أعلام، وكل شيء من فضل الله

8 thoughts on “MY LEARNING’S WAYS”

  1. Wow, I have never heard of the toilet way before; I did smile while I read that 😉 I used to write my notes and highlight them in different colours. Then, I would re-write my notes again, and again, and again- until I memorized everything! I just didn’t learn by reading, I had to write!

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    1. LOL sister, but indeed, I did it, so I could tell other about it. 😊 To tell you the truth I got the idea of this post, from this place too, 😉 then I wrote those ways directly on my book, and type in my PC. he…he

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